Main conference speakers, The Word, Dublin, 10–12 September 2010. Preliminary list – subject to amendment


Randa Abdel Baki | Reza Abedini | Pedro Reis Amado | Sam Siavash Anvari | Caroline Archer | Phil Baines | André Baldinger | Marian Bantjes | David  Berlow | John D. Berry | Timm Borg | Pamela Bowman | Anne Brady | Teresa Breathnach | Robert Bringhurst | Jos Buivenga | Anthony Cahalan | Frank Cartledge | Nadine Chahine | Todd Childers | Nancy Sharon Collins | Anthony Dathy | Jo A J De Baerdemaeker | Brenda Dermody | Brian Dixon | Catherine Dixon | Timothy Donaldson | Zeina El Abed | Michael Everson | Oded Ezer | Priscila Lena Farias | Stephen Ferguson | Lynn Fleming | Thomas Foley | Cathy Gale | Victor Gaultney | Verena Gerlach | Lisa Godson | Anna Paula Silva Gouveia | Pavel Grushko | Michael Harkins | Will Hill | Yehuda Hofshi | Dennis Y Ichiyama | Bas Jacobs | Pouya Jahanshahi | Richard Kegler | Hilary Kenna | Nicole Killian | Linda King |  Kokin | Henrik Kubel | Gerry Leonidas | Claire Lockwood | Emily Luce | Ellen Lupton | Martin Majoor | Liam McComish | Dermot McGuinne | Stuart McKee | Edward McParland | Thomas Milo | James Mosley | Jeanne-Louise Moys | Shoko Mugikura | Ciaran OGaora | Diego Paiva | Aspasia Papadima | Hrant Papazian | Thomas Phinney | Jean François Porchez | Carolyn Puzzovio | Paulo Vieira Ramalho | Daniel John Andrew Reynolds | Fiona G Ross | Perrine Saint Martin | Pooja Saxena | Tom Spalding | Erik Spiekermann | Sridhar Murthy Srikantham | Mathew Denis Staunton | Nina C Stössinger | Paul Stiff | Arina Stoenescu | Ana Veloso | Sue Walker | Tracey Waller | Wendy Williams | Ok Kyung Yoon | Evripides Zantides | Pascal Naji Zoghbi |

Randa Abdel Baki

Chairperson, Graphic Design Department, Assistant Professor | Lebanese American University | Lebanon

Randa Abdel Baki is a scholar, graphic designer and artist, currently living in Beirut. She chairs the Graphic Design Department and is an Assistant Professor at Lebanese American University. Among the courses she teaches are Intro to Typography and Advanced Typography classes with an emphasis on Arabic type and layout design. Currently, her interest is on highlighting successful bilingual compositional methods, solving the challenges of Arabic and Latin bilingual type layouts.

Reza Abedini

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Pedro Reis Amado

Invited Assistant | Universidade de Aveiro | Portugal

Pedro Amado is an Invited Assistant at the Department of Art and Communication of the University of Aveiro currently teaching subjects such as Digital Multimedia. He’s a PhD student currently developing his thesis on the participation in Online Communities under Dr. Ana Veloso’s supervision, due June 2011. Worked at the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto where he also obtained a degree in Communication Design (2002) and a Master degree in Multimedia Art (2007) from which was born. Has an ongoing purpose to bridge the gap between digital multimedia and the creative processes.

Sam Siavash Anvari

MFA Graphic Design Student | OTIS College of Art and Design | United States

Graphic Designer UI/Web Designer Art Director

Caroline Archer

Research Fellow | Birmingham City University | United Kingdom

Caroline Archer is interested in the history, theory and application of typography. She researches, writes and lectures on typography as well as organising activities for both professional typographers and enthusiasts of the subject. Caroline is a partner in Type LLP and Research Fellow at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design; she has a PhD from the University of Reading. Caroline is the author of 4 books on the subject: The History of the Kynoch Press, Tart Cards, Paris Underground, and The St Bride Notebook; and writes on a weekly basis for the international print and design press.

Phil Baines

Professor of Typography: UAL:Central Saint Martins | Designer & writer | Phil Baines studio / Central Saint Martins | UK

Phil Baines is a freelance designer, writer, and Professor of Typography at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Phil has worked as a freelance graphic designer for a variety of arts organisations and publishers since leaving the RCA in 1987.

He has worked together with Catherine Dixon on book designs for Phaidon Press; Laurence King; and for the award-winning Penguin Books Great Ideas series. They are frequent contributors to Eye; other writing includes the website and the book Signs: lettering in the environment (Laurence King 2003).

He has written two other books: Type & typography (with Andrew Haslam, 2nd edition, Laurence King 2005); and Penguin by design: a cover story 1935–2005 (Penguin 2005).

André Baldinger

Type Designer | France

Swiss-born André Baldinger studied typography and visual communication in Zurich and type design at the Atélier National de Création Typographique (ANCT) in Paris where he graduated in 1994. After his studies he opend his own design bureau. His type design includes the fonts Newut (New universal typeface), B-Dot2, B-Line, BaldingerPro, Eiffel and CitéInter. His work is regularly published, exhibited and awarded (TDC New York, Tokyo TDC, best 100 posters D-CH-A...) and can be found in the collections of the Design Museum Zurich in Switzerland, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France and the Toyama Museum of contemporary Arts in Japan.

Together with Philippe Millot, he heads the type design unit of the Creation and Innovation Research Centre (EnsadLab) at ENSAD Paris.

He teaches typography and type design at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) and the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and is since 2002 a member of the AGI.

Marian Bantjes


Marian Bantjes is a designer, artist and writer working internationally from her base on a small island off the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver. She was trained as a book typesetter (1984–1994) and was a straight-up graphic designer from 1994–2003. But it is since 2004 that her highly personal, obsessive and sometimes strange graphic work has brought her international recognition. Marian is known for her custom typography, detailed and lovingly precise vector art, her obsessive hand work, her patterning and ornament. Often hired to create custom art for magazines, advertising and special projects, Marian’s work has an underlying structure and formality that frames its organic, fluid nature.   Her clients include Pentagram (Michael Bierut), Stefan Sagmeister, Saks Fifth Avenue, Maharam, Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, Young & Rubicam Chicago, Random House, Houghton Mifflin, Wallpaper*, WIRED, The Guardian (UK), The New York Times, among many others. She has also designed materials for the AIGA, TypeCon 2007, and the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC).   Her work has been featured in design magazines around the world, including IDEA (Japan), Eye (UK), Communication Arts (USA), STEP (USA), Varoom (UK), Grafik (UK), DPI (Taiwan), Concept (Indonesia), Form (Germany), D2B (Brazil), Design Indaba (South Africa) and étapes (Paris); appears in numerous design compendiums, and has been published in a 120-page book by Pyramyd (France), as part of their design&designer series. In 2007, five pieces were accepted into the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (Smithsonian) in New York. In 2008, she was accepted as a member of the prestigious international design organization, Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). In 2010, she spoke at the renowned TED Conference in Long Beach, California. Her book, I Wonder is due out in the fall of 2010, published by Thames & Hudson.

David Berlow

President | The Font Bureau, Inc. | USA

David Berlow entered the type industry in 1978 as a letter designer for the respected Mergenthaler, Linotype, Stempel, and Haas typefoundries. He joined the newly formed digital type supplier, Bitstream, Inc. in 1982. After Berlow left Bitstream in 1989, he founded The Font Bureau, Inc. with Roger Black. Font Bureau has developed more than 300 new and revised type designs for The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Hewlett Packard and others, with OEM work for Apple Computer Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. The Font Bureau Retail Library consists mostly of original designs and now includes over 500 typefaces. Berlow is a member of the New York Type Directors Club and the Association Typographique International, and remains active in typeface design!

John D. Berry

Program Manager | Microsoft Typography | USA

John D. Berry is an editor and typographer who works both sides of the design/content divide. He is the former editor and publisher of U&lc (Upper and lower case) and of U&lc Online. He is the author and designer of Dot-font: Talking About Fonts and Dot-font: Talking About Design (Mark Batty Publisher, 2006), and the editor of Language Culture Type (ATypI/Graphis, 2002), Contemporary Newspaper Design, and U&lc: influencing design & typography. John has a deep and eclectic background in both editing and typography; he has made a career for more than twenty-five years in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco as an editor and book designer. He writes and consults extensively on typography, and he has won numerous awards for his book designs. He is currently a program manager with Microsoft Typography. He lives in Seattle with the writer Eileen Gunn.

Timm Borg


Timm Borg was born in the South of France (Sète) in 1983. He lived there untill he decided to study at the Beaux-Arts School of Caen. He graduated there in 2005. He persued his studies at the School of Art & Design of Amiens where he graduated in 2008. Along on his studys at EnsadLab he is working as a freelance graphic designer.

Pamela Bowman

Portfolio Director, Art & Design | Course Leader, Graphic Design | Sheffield Institute of Arts at Sheffield Hallam University | United Kingdom

Graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1995 with a degree in Graphic Arts & Design and a portfolio full of letterpress and books. First employed at St Martins to work on the Central Lettering Record as a research technician. Returned north in 1996 to pursue a career in graphic design education at Leeds University, University of Lincoln and Leeds Metropolitan, just as student numbers rose and tutorials no longer took place in the pub. Since 2006 working at Sheffield Hallam University. Alongside education, Established dust with patrick walker and Alun cocks in 2000, happily remaining as resident typographer.

Anne Brady

Creative Director | Vermillion Design and Associated Editions | Ireland

Founder and Creative Director of Vermillion Design and Associated Editions. Industry advisor to both the National College of Art & Design and the Dublin Institute of Technology degree programmes in visual communication practice and theory. Her own research interests include the history of the Dolmen Press. She regularly judges the Annual ISTD Irish Student Awards. Qualifications: BA (Hons) in Typography and Graphic Communication (University of Reading); MPhil in Textual and Visual Studies (French and English) at Trinity College Dublin; Member of the ISTD and the Institute of Designers of Ireland. Board Member of the National Print Museum

Teresa Breathnach

Design Historian, Researcher and Writer | Ireland

Dr. Teresa Breathnach is a researcher and writer based in Dublin. Her particular interests are in the history of design and material culture and in our production and consumption of the past. She has taught the history of design at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, the Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dunlaoighre and the Dublin Institute of Technology and has had papers published in Museums Ireland, Victorian Literature and Culture (Cambridge University Press) and The Journal of Heritage Tourism (Taylor and Francis) and has co-authored New Retro: Classic Graphics, Today’s Designs with Brenda Dermody (Thames and Hudson, 2009).

Robert Bringhurst


Robert Bringhurst is a poet, typographer, historian and linguist, known to most members of ATypI through his book The elements of typographic style, which has now been translated into half a dozen languages, including Russian and Polish. In 1993 he delivered the American Printing History Association’s Lieberman Lecture at UCLA; in 1997, the University of Iowa’s annual Brownell Lecture on the History of the Book; in 1998 the Georg Svensson Lecture at the Royal Library, Stockholm; and in 2001, the culminating lecture of the San Francisco Zapfest

Jos Buivenga

Owner | exljbris Font Foundry | Netherlands

Jos Buivenga can be passionate about a lot of things. He loves to paint, listen to music, brew an almost perfect espresso... but nothing challenges and rewards him more than designing type. If ever he was stranded on a desert island he would still draw alphabets in the sand, even if there was no one else to see them.

He is the founder of exljbris, the one-man Dutch font foundry through which he releases and offers his typefaces. For 15 years, his online friends and fans could follow the development of his typefaces and download the results at no cost. In 2008, while still working as an art director at an advertising agency, he released his first commercial typeface Museo with several weights offered for free. That strategy paid off and Museo became a huge bestseller. Partly thanks to that success he now calls himself a full time type designer. Recent projects include a custom version of Museo & Museo Sans for Dell and the Questa project, a collaboration with the well-known type designer Martin Majoor.

Anthony Cahalan

Dean, Faculty of Arts | Charles Sturt University | Australia

Professor Anthony Cahalan is Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Charles Sturt University (Australia) and was previously Dean of the Faculty of Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto. His educational background includes a PhD in typography from Curtin University of Technology and a Master of Design from the University of Technology Sydney. Professor Cahalan has twenty-five years of professional experience in design and higher education. He has been the Australian country delegate of Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) and is currently President of the Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DASSH).

Frank Cartledge

Senior Lecturer | Chelsea College of Art and Design | United Kingdom

Frank Cartledge teaches the theoretical element of design communication at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, and has a continuing interest in how we make sense and meaning from the designed environment.

Nadine Chahine

Branding and CI Manager / Arabic Specialist | Linotype GmbH | Germany |

Nadine Chahine is an award winning Lebanese type designer with a special interest in Arabic typography. She studied Graphic Design at the American University of Beirut and Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK. During her study at Reading, she focused on the relationship of the Arabic and Latin scripts and the possibilities of creating a harmonious relationship between the two. She taught Arabic type design as a visiting lecturer at the American University in Dubai and then joined Linotype, Germany, where she is now in charge of Branding & CI and Arabic-related projects. As of September 2007 she is also a PhD candidate and her topic is legibility studies for the Arabic script.

Todd Childers

Associate Professor of Graphic Design | Bowling Green State University School of Art | United States

Todd Childers is a Tenured Associate Professor of Graphic Design at the Bowling Green State University School of Art. Todd has been recognized in multiple exhibitions, publications and collections: AIGA XCD Sharing Dreams 5 exhibition, Havana, Cuba 2008, Steven Heller’s Letterforms: Bawdy, Bad and Beautiful, 2003, Siggraph Digital Art Gallery 2000, Honorable Mention Garage Font’s Next Big Thing Font Design Competition, 1998, Graphis’ Digital Type, 1997, American Center for Design 100 Show, 1995, Todd’s education includes two graphic design degrees: Masters in Fine Art from CalArts, 1993, Bachelor in Visual Design from NC State University, 1986

Nancy Sharon Collins

Stationer/Educator/Independent Scholar | Collins, LLC/Louisiana State University/University of California, Los Angeles | United States

Nancy Sharon Collins has been cited almost sixty times in popular media for her exemplary bespoke hand-engraved social stationery. She is a stationer, veteran graphic designer, typographer, independent print history scholar, partner in Collins, LLC, director of special projects for the AIGA New Orleans chapter, instructor of design at Louisiana State University and, in the summer of 2010, will be teaching advanced typography with UCLA Extensions online. Currently she is working on a book about American commercial engraving.

Anthony Dathy

ENSAD | France

Anthony Dathy is a graphic and type designer. He graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 2008 with a degree in graphic design. Since then he followed the type design programm of André Baldinger and Philippe Millot and worked as freelance designer on a variety of design projects, including identity, editorial and interactive design.

Jo A J De Baerdemaeker

typeface designer / researcher | Belgium

Jo De Baerdemaeker is a Belgian typeface designer, who received an MA with distinction in Typeface Design from the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication (University of Reading, UK) in 2004. During this MA he designed Lungta, a Latin-Tibetan OpenType font. In October 2005 he started a PhD at the Typography Department on 'Tibetan typeforms: an historical and visual analysis of Tibetan typefaces from their inception in 1738 up to the present day'. (

Brenda Dermody

Lecturer Visual Communication | Dublin Institute of Technology | Ireland

Brenda Dermody is a graphic designer, and design educator based in Dublin. She teaches graphic design and typography at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). She has also published a number of papers on design education. She has worked for clients such as the OPW (the irish heritage services), RotoVision and Thames & Hudson. Her most recent project NewRetro:Classic Graphics, Todays Designs published by Thames & Husdon in 2009 was co-authored with Teresa Breathnach. She served on the council of the Institute of Designers in Ireland and represents Ireland on the education team of the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD).

Brian Dixon

MA student | Central Saint Martins | United Kingdom

Brian Dixon has attended both Waterford IT and Dublin IT obtaining a first class BA Degree in Visual Communications in 2005. Since then he has worked for design studios in both Dublin and Vancouver, Canada. He is currently an MA student at Central Saint Martins in London. His work can be viewed at

Catherine Dixon

Senior Lecturer / Designer | Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design / Catherine Dixon: Design & Writing | UK

Catherine Dixon is a designer who also teaches at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London. She writes regularly on typography and type design, curates the bi-annual letterpress conference at St Bride Library, London and co-authored with Phil Baines the book Signs: lettering in the environment (2003).

Timothy Donaldson

Type Designer | United Kingdom

Timothy Donaldson is a letterworker. He was formed in the NorthWest of England, an only child of Yorkshire parents. He developed an obsessive interest in drawing during his first decade which matured into another obsession with writing (still drawing) during his second one. During his third decade he was a journeyman signwriter, earning his crust in pursuit of the just forming of letters. By his fourth decade he had become a lettering artist and type designer and a lecturer at Stafford School of Art + Design; a legendary destination for the teaching and learning of Typography in England. In his fifth decade, he focussed fully on his work with lettershapes and letterforms as a Research Fellow at the University of Lincoln, UK. He has now started his sixth decade and teaches at University College Falmouth, the last university in England. He has designed about 60 typefaces for Adobe, FontShop International, The International Typeface Corporation and Letraset. He is well known for his ongoing experiments with tools and chirographic mark-making, particularly in large scale performances. He recently wrote a book about the history of the alphabet entitled 'Shapes for sounds' (cowhouse). Now he's writing another one, but he's not going to talk about that just yet.

Zeina El Abed

Owner / Design Principal | ZOA Graphic Design Studio | Lebanon

Zeina El Abed earned a Bachelor of Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut in 1996 and an MA in Visual Culture from Middlesex University in 1999. The work she did to accomplish her second MA in Comparative Literature (December 2010) sparked her interest in the medieval period. Her research focuses mainly on the relationship of text and image in Arabic and Persian manuscripts. Zeina is the principle designer of “ZOA design studio” which she established in 2000. She is also a part time lecturer at the American University of Beirut and the Lebanese American University where she teaches design, typography, history and visual culture courses.

Michael Everson

Evertype | Ireland

Michael Everson, based in Westport, Co. Mayo, is an expert in the writing systems of the world. He is active in supporting minority-language communities, especially in the fields of character standardization and internationalization. He is a linguist, typesetter, font designer, and publisher. Michael was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania in 1963. He studied Historical Linguistics for his B.A. at the University of Arizona, and History and Indo- European Linguistics for his M.A. at the University of California, Los Angeles. He moved to Ireland in 1989, and was a Fulbright Scholar in the Faculty of Celtic Studies, University College Dublin.

Oded Ezer


Oded Ezer is a world-known Israeli typographer and type designer. He graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, with degree in Visual Communication Design. In 2000, Ezer founded his own independent studio in Givatayim, Israel and two years later co-founded the first cooperative of Israeli font designers, ‘Ha’Gilda’ (The Guild). He teaches typography and graphic design in throughout the world and runs experimental projects where he explores non-conventional solutions in Hebrew typography. His posters and graphic works has been showcased and published worldwide

Priscila Lena Farias

Professor | USP (Universidade de São Paulo) | Brazil

Priscila Lena Farias is the Head of the Post-graduate Program in Design at National Service for Commercial Education University (SENAC-São Paulo), and a professor at São Paulo University School of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU-USP). She is the President of the Brazilian Information Design Society (SBDI), Vice-president of the Brazilian Association for Design Research and Education (AEND|Brasil) and editor of InfoDesign – Brazilian Journal of Information Design. She has published widely on typography, graphic design and semiotics, and is the author of the books ‘Tipografia Digital’ and ‘Fontes digitais brasileiras’. She is also a type designer, with fonts distributed by T-26.

Stephen Ferguson

Assistant Secretary | An Post | Ireland

Stephen Ferguson is Assistant Secretary of An Post, the Irish Post Office, where he has worked since he joined the former Department of Posts and Telegraphs. An historian by background, he is interested in the interrelationship between communication and society and has written on various aspects of Irish Post Office history.

Lynn Fleming

United States

Lynn Fleming is a graphic designer currently pursuing a Master of Fine Art degree in the 2-D Design department at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her work explores typographic form as it connects to issues of place and identity. Prior to her studies at Cranbrook, she was the Lead Graphic Designer for the Henry Art Gallery, the museum for contemporary art at the University of Washington. Fleming is on the advisory board of DesignInquiry, a non-profit educational organization devoted to researching design issues in intensive team-based gatherings.

Thomas Foley

Graphic Designer / Type Designer | make-work & | United Kingdom

Thomas Foley (MA Communication Design Central Saint Martins) I am a graphic designer and typographer living and working in London. Since graduating with an MA in July 2009 I have been working with my own clients and as freelance while acting as a visiting lecturer on The MA Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins and the BA Visual Communications Course at Bristol University of Art & Design. Recent achievements include Work selected for the University of the Arts Up All Night show during London Design Week 2009 and typeface design selected by ATypI for use in the Identity of the 2010 conference in Dublin.

Cathy Gale

Senior Lecturer | Kingston University | United Kingdom

Since graduating from the RCA in 1993 Cathy has worked as a freelance graphic artist, illustrator and performer and has taught at FE, BA and MA level in the UK including St.Martin’s School of Art, Glasgow School of Art, Brighton University, Portsmouth University, and University of Northumbria at Newcastle. Since 2005 she has held the fractional position of Senior Lecturer at Kingston University on BA (Hons) Graphic Design/with Photography and Associate Lecture at London College of Communication combining the intensive demands of contemporary education with an active research profile. Cathy is currently writing up her PhD at Brighton University (working title: ‘Testing the boundaries of visual communication and ambiguity using the letter-sign X as a metaphor’).

Victor Gaultney

Senior Type Designer | SIL International | United Kingdom

Victor Gaultney found his way to type through dance, mathematics, music and calligraphy. A type designer at SIL International since 1991, he develops fonts for minority language groups around the world. He holds an MA with distinction from the University of Reading and returns regularly as a guest lecturer. He is co-author of the SIL Open Font License and works to bridge the gap between the typographic and open source software communities. His most well-known typeface - Gentium - has been a winner in two international typeface design competitions and is available under an open license.

Verena Gerlach

graphic and type designer | fraugerlach | Germany

Verena Gerlach was born in Berlin and studied Visual Communication at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. Shortly after finishing art school in 1998, she founded her own studio (fraugerlach) for graphic design, type design and typography. Beside all kind of typographic print works and typedesign, Verena also artdirected several video clips and worked on the typographic production for international contemporary artists. Verena has lectured in type design and typography at designakademie berlin from 2003– 2009 and gives lectures and workshops about type- and graphic design all over the globe. She also works as a freelance book designer for the German publisher Hatje Cantz.

Lisa Godson

Lecturer History of Design & Material Culture | National College of Art and Design | Ireland

Dr Lisa Godson is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and completed her PhD at the Royal College of Art in 2007. She works as a lecturer – most recently at Trinity College, the Royal College of Art and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Dublin. She is currently NCAD Fellow at the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media. Research interests include the material culture of religion and issues related to technology and culture in contemporary product design. She wrote a weekly column on design in Ireland for the Sunday Times for six years and in 2002 she curated the exhibition ‘On Neon’ about the history of neon lighting in Ireland.

Anna Paula Silva Gouveia

UNICAMP (Universidade Estadual de Campinas), Brazil | Brazil

Anna Paula Silva Gouveia is a researcher and professor at the State University of Campinas Art Institute (IA-UNICAMP). She is the Treasurer of the Brazilian Information Design Society (SBDI). She has published widely on typography, graphic design and architecture.

Pavel Grushko


Poet, playwright, translator from Spanish and English. Author of three books of verses. His work includes poetic librettos. His translations include poetry by Góngora, Jiménez, García Lorca, Hernández, Martí, Lesama Lima, Paz, Neruda, Borges, Cortázar, Laura Esquivel, and many oth-ers. Participated in international conferences: Boston University, 2002 (‘The art of translation: salutary deception’); López Velarde Centennial Symposium, Mexico, 1988 (‘Tender Homelands of López Velarde and Esenin’). Served as International Judge (poetry) at the literary competi-tions in Panama (2003) and in Cuba (1967).

Michael Harkins

Course Leader: MA Graphic Design | University of Portsmouth | United Kingdom

Mike graduated from the University of Plymouth, Exeter School of Art and Design with BA(Hons) in Design: Typography which included some time spent studying at Arnhem in the Netherlands. He gained his MA from Central Saint Martins in Design Studies where his major project was in type design. Mike was a director within a successful design company before returning to education to teach full-time at the University of Portsmouth. He is a passionate advocate of the development of typographic study within graphic design. Mike is currently working towards a PhD at Central Saint Martins, London researching Contemporary Processes of Text Typeface Design.

Will Hill

Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design | Anglia Ruskin University |

Will Hill is Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. and recently completed an MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading. He is co-organiser of the international symposium series Beyond the Margins and is currently completing an updated edition of his 2004 book The Complete Typographer. Other recent publications include chapters in Font: the sourcebook, 2008, and Art and Text, 2009. He has given numerous conference papers on typography and design education, including Typecon, Atlanta 2009. His experimental print work, has been exhibited at the Plus International Design Festival and at the University of Cambridge.

Yehuda Hofshi

Typographer |

Yehuda Hofshi is an Israeli typographer, design researcher and educator. He graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, with a degree in Visual Communication Design. After working as an art director, Hofshi founded his own studio in Tel Aviv. He was appointed head of the Visual Communication Department at the Technological Institute, Holon and also teaches typography and graphic design in several academies in Israel. Hofshi has published articles on subjects related to contemporary Israeli graphic and typographic design, and he is a contributor writer for Kredit Magazine for contemporary design

Dennis Y Ichiyama

Professor | Purdue University - School of Visual and Performing Arts | USA

Professor Dennis Y Ichiyama is faculty in the School of Visual & Performing Arts at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. For the past ten years his research and passion has been the history and creative possibilities of wood type. This began when the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Wisconsin (USA) was open to the public in the spring of 1999. His work culminated in Italy as a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome. Invited by the Tipoteca Italiana fondazione he spent half a year researching, printing, and experimenting using their collection of historic French and Italian wood type. Over the past decade his projects have included six portfolios of complete alphabet specimen sheets and experimental typographic (limited) editions which have been exhibited and published nationally and internationally. His current research is on American wood type manufacturer Wm Page and Chromatic Wood Type.

Bas Jacobs

Founder | Underware | The Netherlands

Born in Wanssum, the Netherlands 1976. Studied visual communication at the art academy ABK in Maastricht and followed the post-graduate course typography and type design at the KABK Den Haag. Lives in Amsterdam since September 2001. Founding member of Underware. Underware is three men with one mission: wipe the dust from the type-design by throwing it on the street. More talking, more sharing, less secrets. In other words, Underware is a typographic design-studio publishing their own typefaces and publications. The company was founded in 1999 by Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs and Sami Kortemäki.

Pouya Jahanshahi

Grad Student / Graphic Designer | CalArts | United States

Pouya Jahanshahi is currently studying towards his MFA in Graphic design and Integrated Media, while a Teachers Assistant position at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). His focus is currently fusion of Farsi forms and typography within a western context, as well other multi-lingual typographic issues. He received his M.A. in Graphic Design from California State University in 2004, where he explored the semiotics of imagery in his “ Anatomy of a visual message” project, while presenting his thesis research on “Title sequence design”.

Mr. Jahanshahi previously taught as assistant professor of graphic design at Chapman University (Orange, California), as well as numerous colleges and universities such as The Art Institute, Platt College, University of California Irvine, Long Beach City College and California State University Fullerton, amongst others.

While being the past AIGA - Orange County’s Educational Chair, Mr. Jahanshahi is also a member of IGDS (Iranian Graphic Design Society), staying active in issues involving design on both sides of the globe.

In addition, Mr. Jahanshahi is the principal owner of Source One Design, acting as a freelance Art director.

His past and present clients include National Semi Conductors (NSC), AquaTek Inc., Stanley Electric and Chanteh Interior Designs to name a few. While volunteering at local non-profit organization such as the Laguna The Laguna Greenbelt and MTO Printing, his hobbies and activities include Persian calligraphy, silkscreening and concrete poetry.

Richard Kegler

Founder, art director | P22 Type Foundry | USA

Richard Kegler is the founder and designer at P22 type foundry which marks its 15th year of operation in 2009. Before his involvement in type design, Mr. Kegler was a bookbinder, designer, postgraduate, artist seeking a respectable self-sustaining life as a hand-craftsman. Mr. Kegler has recently started a non-profit Book Arts Center in Buffalo NY and has returned to an active involvement in hand setting and printing metal and wood type as a concurrent career with digital font research at P22.

Hilary Kenna

Lecturer in Design & Digital Media, Joint Programme Chair Visual Communication | Institute of Art Design and Technology, Dublin | Ireland

Hilary Kenna is a Lecturer in Design and Digital Media, and Joint Programme Chair of the BA(Hons) in Visual Communication at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dun Laoghaire, (IADT). She is currently completing a practice-based PhD, A practice-led study of design principles for screen typography with reference to the teachings of Emil Ruder, at the London College of Communication (LCC) under the supervision of Professor Teal Triggs and Stuart Evans. Emil Ruder – A Future for Design Principles in Screen Typography is a forthcoming paper to be published in Design Issues, Summer 2010, MIT Press. Hilary is currently on secondment as Principal Investigator and Designer on two digital media research projects in data visualization funded by the NDRC (National Digital Research Centre). Hilary authors a research blog,

Nicole Killian

Cranbrook Academy of Art | United States

Nicole Killian is a designer pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree at Cranbrook Academy of Art in the 2-D Design department. Prior to Cranbrook, she was a Senior Designer at Nickelodeon and MTV News in New York City. Killian is 50% of the design duo Hot Sundae.

Linda King

Lecturer: Design History/Theory and Visual Communication Design | The Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) | Ireland

Linda King is a former graphic designer who teaches Design History/Theory and Visual Communication Design at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin. Her research interests include the intersection of typography, graphic design and Irish cultural history and the synthesis of history, theory and practice. She has published and lectured widely on these areas and has contributed to various publications including Circa, Design and Culture, Design Issues and Eye. Her co-edited volume (with Elaine Sisson) Ireland, Design and Visual Culture: Negotiating Modernity 1922-1992 (Cork University Press/IADT, October 2010) will be the first anthology in this emergent field of study. In 2007 she received her PhD for an analysis of the graphic design output of Aer Lingus, the former Irish national airline.


Artist, Typedesigner | Freelance | Japan

Painting and Typedesign. Brand logo: Shanghai World Financial Center, Tokyo Station City, Mizuho Financial Group, Nissan Mortors, Odakyu, Fusion Communications, Mitsui Garden Hotels, Natchan!, Acerola Drink, etc. Font: Japnese font from FONTWORKS, Korean font from YOON DESIGN Painting: Joel Robuchon Tokyo, BiCE Tokyo, Hotel Ohkura Shanghai, Hotel Hatsuhana, Asakusa Central Hotel, etc.

Henrik Kubel

Type designer | A2/SW/HK | United Kingdom

A2/SW/HK is an independent design studio based in London. Formed by Royal College of Art graduates Scott Williams and Henrik Kubel in 2000, A2/SW/HK work with leading national and international clients on design consultancy, art direction, identity, publishing, exhibitions, website design and bespoke typography. The company has a conceptual approach to design across various media, including design for print, screen and interiors. Clients include Penguin Press New York, Vogue UK, The Hayward Gallery, Tate, Royal College of Art, Phaidon Press, Design Museum London, Faber & Faber, Royal Mail and Danish Post. Scott and Henrik are members of Alliance Graphique Internationale, AGI. Henrik Kubel is visiting lecturer at Royal College of Art 2009 — Lectures: Typographic Circle, Pentagram, London, 25 March, 2010 Naples Design Week, Italy, Lecture & workshop on book design, 10 October, 2009 St Bride Library, London, Revival Conference, 23 — 24 April, 2009 Bath University College of Design, December, 2008 TDCNY, New York, October, 2008 AGI, Chicago, September, 2008 China Academy of Fine Art (CAFA), June, 2008 Buckinghamshire University College, May, 2008 RCA, Type Talk, April, 2008 Tongji University, China, September, 2007 Kolding Design School, Craft and Design Biennial, 2007 ADG FAD, Barcelona, June, 2007 Denmark’s Design School, March, 2006

Gerry Leonidas

Senior Lecturer in Typography | University of Reading | United Kingdom

Gerry Leonidas studied Business Administration and Journalism, and worked in book and magazine publishing in Greece before finding his way to the University of Reading for postgraduate studies in typography. He never got round to leaving, and now teaches typographic design with a bias for the online. He is also the MA Typeface Design programme director, and designs when time permits, but mostly helps others tackle Greek typefaces. He is long overdue with his PhD on design processes in Greek and Latin digital typefaces.

Claire Lockwood

Subject Group Leader Visual Communication | Sheffield Institute of Arts at Sheffield Hallam University | United Kingdom

Claire is Subject Group leader for Visual Communication at Sheffield Hallam University. She was the key architect of the Graphic Design course structure and philosophy. Claire’s vision was to create a course which was flexible and collaborative across the disciplines, reflected both in the staff team and the range of specialisms they cover. Claire studied at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, and gained a First Class Honours Degree in Visual Communication in 1992. She then went onto complete an MA Visual Communication at Birmingham receiving a distinction in 1993. Claire initially worked in education for a few years in New Zealand before returning to pursue her career in the UK. Claire has worked both within design consultancies and as a freelance esigner but most recently within design education. Current work has predominately been for charity based projects and arts organisations. Claire's passions and interests are strongly within the relationship between anologue based design skills and the convergence with digital based technology. The traditional design based skills such as printmaking, photography and typography are seen as a key element of her skills with a strong interest in the impact of new technologies on these areas. She is currently an external examiner for Luton University.

Emily Luce

Designer + Artist | Canada

Emily Luce prefers to work within the margins of typographic and cultural research. Previous projects have included typography of U.S. Car Number Plates (built primarily by the prison industry;) the graphical language of protest posters; and ongoing commitments as a member of Hupačasatḥ First Nation Language Team of British Columbia. This work has led to the publication of ten language preservation projects in Nuučaan̓uł as well as the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Association’s Early Career Award. Emily spends her time in western Canada, where, when she’s not teaching New Media at the University of Lethbridge, she is restoring a Westman & Baker letterpress.

Ellen Lupton

Writer, designer, curator | Cooper-Hewitt Museum | United States

ELLEN LUPTON is curator of contemporary design at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution in New York City and director of the Graphic Design MFA program at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Recent books include Design Your Life: The Pleasures and Perils of Everyday Things (2009), co-authored with Julia Lupton, and Thinking with Type, Second Edition (2010). Her exhibitions include the National Design Triennial series and Skin: Surface, Substance + Design. She has produced a series of publications with her graduate students at MICA, including D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself (2006), Indie Publishing (2008), and Graphic Design: The New Basics (2008). Ellen has contributed to various publications, including Print, Eye, I.D., Metropolis, and the New York Times. She is a 2007 recipient of the AIGA Gold Medal.

Martin Majoor

Type designer | The Netherlands / Poland

Martin Majoor has been type designer since the mid-1980s. In 1991 FontShop International released their first serious textface, Scala and Scala Sans, which Majoor designed between 1988 and 1993. In 1994 Majoor designed the telephone directory for Dutch PTT. He also designed a complete new typeface for it, the Telefont, which is still in use today. Majoor’s third serious typeface, Seria and Seria Sans, was released in 2000. It was awarded two type design prizes. Majoor taught typography at several Schools of Fine Art and gave lectures at ATypI/TypeLab conferences in Budapest, Antwerp, Paris, San Francisco and Barcelona. At ATypI Prague 2004 Majoor lectured about his work in Poland. He also presented his new family of typefaces FF Nexus Serif, FF Nexus Sans and FF Nexus Mix which he designed in 2004. It is one of the first OpenType faces that FontShop International released. Today Martin Majoor works in both Arnhem and Warsaw.

Liam McComish

Lecturer | University of Ulster | UK

Liam McComish is Course Director for BDes Design for Visual Communication at the University of Ulster. He worked as a practising designer in a range of design and multimedia companies during the 80s and 90s before taking up a lecturing post in 2000. He has a number of publications in the area of typography, design perception and design methods. He is involved in design education, research and practice, he is an external examiner in Ireland and a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers.

Dermot McGuinne

Researcher | National Print Museum, Dublin | Ireland

Dermot McGuinne gained his primary degree and early experience as a graphic designer in the United States where he later held the position of Art Director of the University of Iowa Press for a number of years before returning to Ireland. He was awarded his doctorate from Trinity College Dublin for work completed on the subject of the ‘Irish Character in Print’ and is author of Irish Type Design and various articles on this topic. He has recently retired from the Dublin Institute of Technology where he held the position of Head of Departments of Visual Communication Design and Fine Art.

Stuart McKee

Assistant Professor of Design | University of San Francisco | United States

Stuart McKee is active as a design educator, researcher, and writer. Stuart is an Assistant Professor of Design at the University of San Francisco, where he also serves as the Chair of the Department of Art + Architecture. His publication record includes papers for the journals Visible Language, Inform, and the AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, and research articles for the magazines Print, Eye, and Emigre. Stuart has presented research papers at two AIGA national conferences, The Power of Design conference in Vancouver in 2003 and the America: Cult and Culture conference in Las Vegas in 1999. He has also presented research papers internationally at the Logo Cities conference in Montreal in 2007, and the Networks of Design conference in Falmouth, England in 2008. In 2002, Stuart proposed the AIGA conference Educating the Design Educator and served as the program director and moderator for the conference.

Edward McParland

Lecturer in the History of Art | Trinity College, Dublin | Ireland

Research Interests Irish architecture C17 - C19 Problems in architectural classicism Publications James Gandon (Zwemmer, 1985) Public Architecture in Ireland 1680-1760 (Yale UP, 2001) Articles on C18 Irish architecture in British and Irish journals .

Thomas Milo

Partner | DecoType | Netherlands

Thomas Milo and his company DecoType developed with ACE, which is an acronym for ‘Arabic Calligraphic Engine’, new advanced technology for Arabic text setting, which needs a far more sophisticated approach than for instance the Latin script, based on a thorough analysis of the Arabic script. Not only served Milo’s typographic research as the fundament for the ACE technology, clearly it also formed a basis for the development of the OpenType format, although this is a less known and acknowledged fact. Thomas Milo’s importance for the development of digital type and typography is evident and in line with the position of Dr. Peter Karow in the field. As one consultant of the award jury stated: ‘Dr. Karow made type digital in a way we know today (description of shapes as outlines, rasterization, hinting, greyscaling, plus page-layout improvements). Thomas Milo added the “smartness” needed for scripts that ask for a more sophisticated behavior than Latin’.

James Mosley

Visiting Professor | Department of Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading | UK

James Mosley is Visiting Professor in the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading. Until 2000 he was librarian of the St Bride Library, London. He writes and lectures on the history of type and letterforms and teaches courses on these subjects at Reading, Lyon, and Charlottesville (Virginia). Among his recent writings are studies of the Italian 16th-century calligrapher Giovan Francesco Cresci, the origins in England of the modern sans serif letter, and notes to a facsimile edition of the Manuel typographique (1764–6) of Fournier le jeune.

Jeanne-Louise Moys

PhD student | Simplification Centre, University of Reading | United Kingdom

Jeanne-Louise Moys is a doctoral researcher in the Simplification Centre studying towards a PhD in Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading. Her current research explores audience perceptions of the affective rhetorical roles of typography in document design. She holds a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Journalism from Rhodes University in South Africa, where she taught communication design until 2003. Before joining the Simplification Centre, she worked in a variety of professional graphic design and training roles in South Africa and the UK. Her portfolio includes writing, editing, design and production across a range of genres.

Shoko Mugikura

Graphic Designer | United Kingdom

Shoko Mugikura is a graphic designer who lives in London. She received a BA in Visual Communication Design from Musashino Art University, Tokyo in 2003 and an MA in Book Design from the University of Reading in 2006. She worked as an information designer for Boag Associates between 2004 and 2006. She now works at a London based multi-disciplinary design studio Polimekanos, while she continues to work on her own projects.

Ciaran OGaora

Diego Paiva

Master student | Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto | Portugal

Diego Paiva is a Master student in the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Porto currently developing his project about vernacular communication in Oporto’s small retail. He is adman, licensed from the University of Fortaleza (2007), where he joined the Integrated Center for Communication where he has developed a research on visual communication adopted in the Brazilian’s small retail. Through studies in the small market, he seeks to promote the popular media as an indicator of local cultures and practices.

Aspasia Papadima

Lecturer, Graphic Communication | Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus | Cyprus

Aspasia Papadema is Lecturer in Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts at the Cyprus University of Technology in Cyprus. She has a Master’s degree in Graphic Fine Arts from the University of Kent (UK), and a BA degree in Graphic Design from T.E.I. of Athens (Greece). She taught for ten years in tertiary education in Cyprus. Her research work has been presented and published in international conferences, and her graphic and fine art work has been presented in exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. Her research interests include typographic design, and visual communication via typography, the visualisation of the sounds of the Cypriot dialect, vernacular typography, and the co-existence and interaction of typography and architecture.

Hrant Papazian

Typeface Designer | The MicroFoundry | USA

Hrant Papazian is an Armenian native of Lebanon, currently living in Los Angeles. His perspective on written communication was formed at the crossroads of three competing visual cultures. A multimedia designer by trade, his true love remains the black-and-white, but colorful world of non-Latin typeface design, with commissions from Agfa, Unitype, IKEA, the Narod Cultural Institute, Disney, UCLA, the Israel Postal Authority, Liverpool University and TeX Users Group.

Thomas Phinney


Thomas Phinney is senior product manager for font solutions at Extensis. From 1997-2008 he worked in type at Adobe, lastly as product manager for fonts and global typography. Thomas is involved in the design, technical, forensic, business and historical aspects of type, treasurer of ATypI, and writes for Communication Arts and as well as He has testified in court as an expert witness, and was twice quoted in the Washington Post regarding the presumably forged National Guard memos concerning US President Bush. Thomas has an MS in printing from RIT, and an MBA from UC Berkeley. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original

Jean François Porchez

Type Designer | Typofonderie | France

After training as a graphic designer, during which he focused on type design, Jean François Porchez (born 1964) worked as a type director at Dragon Rouge. By 1994, he had created the new typeface for Le Monde newspapers. Founder of Typofonderie, his expertise enables him to propose bespoke typefaces for the Baltimore Sun, Beyoncé Knowles, Costa Crocieres, France Télécom, Louis Vuitton, Peugeot, RATP (Public Transport in Paris). His retail typefaces are distributed through He is honorary President of the Association Typographique Internationale (was ATypI President in 2004–2007). Founded the french community Le Typographe in 2003. Introduced to French Who’s who in 2009. He taught type design at the MA typefaces design at the Reading University (United Kingdom) and at Ensad and conduct regularly type design workshops all over the world. He also contributes regularly to conferences and international publications. He published Lettres Françaises, a book (in French & English) that shows all contemporary French, digital typefaces. For the Linotype Library Platinum collection, he has created a revival of the Sabon, a Jan Tschichold revival of Garamond in 2002. In late 2001 he was the President of a jury set up by the Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale to select the new handwriting model and system for France and was a jury member of the 3rd Linotype Type design Contest (Germany, 1999), of the of the 1st Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications (Slovenia, 2003) of the Typeface design competition TDC2 (United States, 2005). He was awarded the Prix Charles Peignot in 1998. FF Angie (1990) & Apolline (1993) were prize-winning entries in the Morisawa typeface competition. Costa received a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at the TDC2 2000. Ambroise, Anisette, Anisette Petite, Charente, Le Monde Journal, & Le Monde Courrier were all prize-winning entries in the Bukva:raz international competition (2001). Deréon and Mencken won a Creative Review Type Awards (2006). Parisine Office won a star at the Observeur du design 07. Vuitton Persona selected by the Club des directeurs artistiques for their annual “Palmarès” 2009. Retiro received a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at the TDC2 2010 and won the Prix 2009 of the Club des directeurs artistiques, design category.

Carolyn Puzzovio


Carolyn Puzzovio has been involved in design education for over thirty years. Her background is as a graphic designer and her major interest within the subject has always been lettering and type. This interest has developed beyond the Latin alphabet – the 38-character Armenian alphabet in particular. During 2007 she designed her first OpenType typeface – Lagoon – based on a Venetian model from 1810.

Carolyn’s articles on the subject of the Armenian alphabet and type are published in the latest issues of Baseline, nos. 57 & 58.

Paulo Vieira Ramalho

Senior Tutor of Graphic Design and Multimedia | | Portugal

Born in 1966, Paulo Vieira Ramalho MA(RCA), his Senior Tutor of the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia of (School of Arts and Design – Caldas da Rainha- Portugal). He has been teaching Communication Design, Typography and Typographic History for the last 10 years. Before that, he worked for some of the main design studios in Portugal, and developed activity as freelancer both on Graphic Design and New Media. During 1996-98 was chief typographer for the signage project of Expo’98 - Lisbon. He was founding member of the New Media Division of BBDO Portugal.

Daniel John Andrew Reynolds

Font Engineer & Typographic Specialist | Linotype GmbH | Germany

Fiona G Ross

Typographic Consultant & Lecturer | Tiro Typeworks & Reading University | UK

Fiona Ross specializes in non-Latin type design and typography. From 1978 to 1989 she worked for the British arm of Linotype, Linotype Limited, being responsible for the design of their non-Latin fonts and typesetting schemes, notably those using Arabic and Indic scripts such as Devanagari. Since 1989 she has worked as a consultant, author, lecturer, and type designer. In 2003 Fiona joined the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, England as a part-time sessional lecturer. Fiona holds a BA in German; a Postgraduate Diploma in Sanskrit and Pali; and a PhD in Indian Palaeography from SOAS (London University). She is a member of the Association Typographique International (ATypI) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Perrine Saint Martin

Type and Graphic designer | ENSAD | France

Perrine Saint Martin is born in France in 1980 and lives and works in Paris. After graduating from the Fine Art School of Toulouse, she has worked in graphic design, more particularly in the field of book design with a special interest in typographical layout.

Pooja Saxena


Pooja Saxena is a recent graduate of the Fashion Communication programme at National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. She is currently working at an information design studio called Design Route.

Pooja has a great interest in multi-lingual typography and type design, and aspires to be a type designer. She recently presented her research on the subject “An Inquiry into the role of Typography in Multilingual Identity Systems” at Typography Day 2010, organized by the Industrial Design Center, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Tom Spalding

Assistant Lecturer | Dublin Institute of Technology | Ireland

Tom Spalding has lectured in Product Design in the School of Art, Design & Printing in the Dublin Institute of Technology since 2004. Prior to this he worked as a design engineer and a product designer. He holds a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Industrial Design (Engineering) from the RCA. His first book “Cork City: A Field guide to its Street Furniture” was published in 2009. This year he has collaborated with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland and the Cork Civic Trust on a survey, map and series of walking tours promoting twentieth century architecture in that city.

Erik Spiekermann

Designer | Germany

Erik Spiekermann is information architect, type designer (FF Meta, ITC Officina, FF Info, FF Unit, LoType, Berliner Grotesk et al.) and author. He was founder (1979) of MetaDesign, Germany’s largest design firm with offices in Berlin, London and San Francisco. In 1988 he started FontShop. He holds an honorary professorship at the Academy of Arts in Bremen, is board member of ATypI and the German Design Council, and president of the istd International Society of Typographic Designers. In July 2000, Erik left MetaDesign Berlin. He now lives and works in Berlin, London and San Francisco, designing publications, complex design systems and more typefaces.

Sridhar Murthy Srikantham

Typographer, Graphic Designer | Aksharaakruti | India

Sridhar Murthy Srikantham Typographer, Graphic Designer Born on: 7th February, 1963 Andhra Pradesh, India. Education: BFA, JNTU, Hyderabad. Telugu fonts for Newspapers: Eenadu (Linotron 202), Vartha Andhara Jyothi Andhra Bhoomi Sakshi Andhra Prabha Prajashakti Telugu fonts to Microsoft through Modular Infotech, Pune. Font for Naga Tribes (New Script). Translations and adaptation layouts in Indian Languages. Paper presented in : National Workshop in Typography and Calligraphy, 2007 (Pune) Typography Day 2008, (IDC, IIT Bombay) Telugu Bhasaha Mahotsavalu Dec, 2008 (Hyderabad) Typography Day 2010 (Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai) Visiting Faculty: Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune.

Mathew Denis Staunton

Teacher, Historian | . | France

Originally from Coolock in Dublin, Mathew Staunton is a printing historian currently working in the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris. With a background in the history of book illustration (MA, University College Dublin) and nationalist print propaganda (M.Phil, Paris 7), he is an active member of the Groupe de Recherches en Études Irlandaises in Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle, the Société Française des Études Irlandaises and the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies. He was recently awarded a research fellowship by the Fondation Irlandaise to study 17th and 18th century illustrated books in the Old Library of the Irish College in Paris and is completing a doctoral thesis (Paris 3) on the Sinn Féin Printing & Publishing Company. He is curating an exhibition on the history of writing in Ireland at the Centre Culturel Irlandais.

Nina C Stössinger

Designer | Nina Stössinger Multimedia & Grafik | Switzerland

Nina Stössinger is a young self-employed graphic designer and beginning type designer based in Basel, Switzerland. She discovered her love of letters during her studies of multimedia design in Halle/Germany; and after working/spending time in Germany, Switzerland, Tokyo, and New York City, went on to a postgraduate type design class at Zurich University of the Arts in 2008, while also establishing her own studio in Basel offering graphic design, typography, and some screen/web design. Awards include an iF communication design award. Publication: SIGNA #10 "Das gefügte Zeichen", an examination of "pixelated" signs and letters, 2006.

Paul Stiff

Reader | University of Reading | UK

Paul Stiff’s first ATypI meeting was thirty years ago; he recently recalled it in the pages of Progetto Grafico (Roma). He worked in book publishing before joining Reading, where he works in typography, design history, and information design. He was for many years editor of Information design journal; he then founded, and still edits, the Typography Papers series – the eighth volume of which came out last year.

Arina Stoenescu

Graphic Designer Head of Department Media Technology | arina s. design sodertorn university | Sweden

Born 1969 in Bucharest, Romania. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden since 1989 as a graphic designer and educator. Interested in typography, children culture and Romanian topics. Head of Media technology department and Lecturer in Visual communication at Södertörn University, Stockholm. Master of Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Design and Illustration, graduated 1994 from Konstfack, National College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

Ana Veloso

Assistant Professor | Communication and Art Department, University of Aveiro | Portugal

Ana Veloso is a Communication Sciences and Technologies scientist with Research and Development interests related with videogames and Human Computer-Interaction issues, namely digital games for children, usability and visualization of information and communication in technologically mediated contexts. She is an assistant professor of the Department of Communication and Art of the University of Aveiro. Recently, she organized and was also a co-chair of the videojogos2009 conference (

Sue Walker

Dean, Arts and Humanities | University of Reading | United Kingdom

Professor Sue Walker is Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Reading. Before this, from 1997 to 2007, she was Head of the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication. She is also a partner in Text Matters, an information design consultancy based in Reading. Her research in recent years has been about typography for children, and she has studied typography in children’s reading and information books from the late 19th century until the present day. Her current funded project is ‘Isotype re-visited’ and she and Eric Kindel are leading a team of researchers to re-evaluate the contribution of Otto and Marie Neurath to twentieth-century design. Sue Walker’s work on this project looks, in particular, at the Isotype Institute’s work on the design of children’s books.

Tracey Waller

MA GDC Course Director | Chelsea College of Art and Design | United Kingdom

Tracey Waller currently runs MA Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. As a practitioner she has been involved within the British television industry working mainly on title sequences for television dramas.

Wendy Williams

Creative director | Wendy Williams Design | Ireland

With more years’ experience than she cares to admit in all areas of graphic design Wendy has been in private practice for the last nineteen of them, specialising in design for exhibitions and museums. Her most recent large project is Soldiers and Chiefs, the National Military History Exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks. Wendy is a part-time lecturer in Design History and Theory at National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Ok Kyung Yoon


Ok Kyung Yoon is born in 1975 in South Korea and works and lives in Paris. After studying at the Fine Art School in Mulhouse, she started as a freelance graphic designer and works in parallel with her studies at the EnsadLab notably with the institutions of contemporary art like the Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain/FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais in France or La Fundación ArtAids, Barcelona in Spain.

Evripides Zantides

Assistant Professor | Cyprus University of Technology | Cyprus

Evripides Zantides is Assistant Professor in the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts at the Cyprus University of Technology in Cyprus. He has a Master's degree in Graphic Fine Arts supported by a University scholarship from the University of Kent (UK) and a BA(Hons) degree in Graphic Communication from the University of Wolverhampton (UK). He has presented papers in a number of international refereed conferences on Semiotics, Graphic Design Education, Typography and Visual Communication and has participated, with distinguished work, in refereed Art and Design Biennales and other international exhibitions. He has also been involved in international graphic-design, art and conference refereed committees and he is a member and country delegate of Cyprus for ATypI. His research interests are based on the importance of Semiotics and Identity in the process of audio-visualizing verbal language using image, text and sound.

Pascal Naji Zoghbi

Arabic type designer & typographer | 29letters | Lebanon

Pascal Zoghbi graduated in July 2006 with a Master of Design from the Type & Media course at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague, The Netherlands. Prior to his postgraduate studies, he worked in Beirut for several years as a graphic designer in print and web design. He is an independent Arabic type and graphic designer since August 2006 and is currently a part-time instructor teaching type and typography courses at LAU (Lebanese American University) and NDU (Notre Dame University). Currently, he is working on Arabic corporate fonts and bi-script (Arabic/Latin) fonts. He gives lectures and workshops about Arabic type regularly.