ATypI 2010 Dublin


Starts at 09:00, 08 September 2010,
at Dublin Institute of Technology

| Wed 8 Sep | Thu 9 Sep |

Wednesday 8 September

Room A B C D
Registration opens at Dublin Institute of Technology
09:45 Kevin Larson
Dyslexia: waat is et? Ref: A1
Jürgen Willrodt
Customizing OpenType fonts Ref: B1
Ted Harrison
Type design 101 Getting started Ref: C1
Santosh B. Kshirsagar
‘Akshara’- experimentation in calligraphy Part 1 Ref: D1
10:30 Ann Bessemans
The term legibility Ref: A2
Coffee break
11:30 Mary Dyson
Are letters special? How does the expertise of typographers and type designers in dealing with letters compare with what we do when we read? Ref: A3
Frank E. Blokland
Automating font production Ref: B3

Karen is ill: this session is cancelled

Karin von Ompteda
Inclusive typography Designing for readers with low vision Ref: A4
12:20 Ching Y. Suen
Legibility of typefaces Ref: A5
14:30 Myra Thiessen
It probably has more pages A qualitative approach to the design of literacy materials for children with reading difficulties Ref: A6
Peter Rosenfeld
Global font (tools) production Ref: B6
14:55 Hyun-Guk  Ryu  
Font design for use in the classroom by the visually impaired Proposal of a guideline for media and font design Ref: A7
15:20 Eben Sorkin
Letter recognition Legibility readability and crowding Ref: A8
Jürgen Willrodt
GPOSMaster: sneak preview Ref: B8
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Dave Crossland
How to achieve quality web fonts Ref: A9
Frank E. Blokland
Type library programming Ref: B9
16:45 Adam Twardoch
Some things you never wanted to know about making fonts but were afraid to ask Ref: A10
17:30 Vladimir Levantovsky
Web Open Font Format (WOFF) Ref: A10

Following the final presentation there will be a reception hosted by the Dutch Type Library from about 6.15.

At 7.15 there will be a short introduction by Carima El-Behairy to Richard Kegler's film "Making Faces" with a short Q&A afterwards.