Making faces: Kegler's film set for Dublin screening

Richard Kegler's film about type designer and founder Jim Rimmer, 'Making faces: making type in the 21st century', will be screened at the ATypI Dublin conference in September.

We are pleased to announce the Irish premier of the new documentary by P22’s Richard Kegler. Entitled ‘Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century’ Kegler’s film has the dual aim of documenting the almost-lost skill of creating metal fonts and of capturing the personality and work process of the late Canadian graphic artist Jim Rimmer (1931-2010). P22 type foundry commissioned Mr. Rimmer to create a new type design (Stern) that became the first-ever simultaneous release of a digital font and hand-set metal font in 2008.

Jim Rimmer in 2003, working on a type-high keepsake for that year's ATypI Vancouver conference.

Kegler notes the importance of how Rimmer’s practice formed a bridge between two radically different eras in type design: ‘Considering Jim Rimmer was possibly the only individual who designed and cast typefaces in metal as well as in digital format, this opportunity to document the processes of the historic with the contemporary would not present itself again.’

For those too eager to wait until September, the trailer can be viewed at and more information is available here:

Richard Kegler is the founder and lead designer at P22 type foundry. Before his involvement in type design, Mr. Kegler was a bookbinder, designer, postgraduate, artist seeking a respectable self-sustaining life as a hand-craftsman. The years of historical typographic research at P22 has influenced a profound interest in using hand techniques alongside digital capabilities. Mr. Kegler has recently started a non-profit Book Arts Center in Buffalo NY and has returned to an active involvement in hand setting and printing metal and wood type as a concurrent career with digital font research at P22. ‘Making Faces’ is his first film.

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