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Andreu Balius

type designer TypeRepublic | Spain

Andreu Balius is a graphic and (type) designer based in Barcelona. He runs his own studio Typerepublic. Andreu combines his work at the studio with teaching graphic design and typography. He is presently an associate professor at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Apart from his type affairs, he also loves riding on his mountain bike.... [More]

Mark Barratt

Text Matters | United Kingdom

Mark Barratt is an information designer and founding partner of Text Matters, a UK consultancy specialising in 'difficult' typography for printed information products such as forms and in web-based systems which enable discussion, collaborative work and intelligent interaction.... [More]

Felix Beltran

Designer Felix Beltran & Asociados | Mexico

Félix Beltrán was born in Havana and is a Mexican citizen. He studied at the School of Visual Arts and American Art School, New York. He was awarded scholarships from the New School for Social Research and Graphic Art Center-Pratt Institute, New York. His works have been included in 456 collective exhibitions, 65 individual exhibitions and in the collections of 60 national and international museums. He has written 4 books. He has received 132 awards in national and international events and an Honoris Cause Doctorate from the International University Foundation, Delaware. He is Professor at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México DF.... [More]

David Berlow

President The Font Bureau, Inc. | USA

David Berlow entered the type industry in 1978 as a letter designer for the respected Mergenthaler, Linotype, Stempel, and Haas typefoundries. He joined the newly formed digital type supplier, Bitstream, Inc. in 1982. After Berlow left Bitstream in 1989, he founded The Font Bureau, Inc. with Roger Black. Font Bureau has developed more than 300 new and revised type designs for The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Hewlett Packard and others, with OEM work for Apple Computer Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. The Font Bureau Retail Library consists mostly of original designs and now includes over 500 typefaces. Berlow is a member of the New York Type Directors Club and the Association Typographique International, and remains active in typeface design!... [More]

John D. Berry

Program Manager Microsoft Typography | USA

John D. Berry is an editor and typographer who works both sides of the design/content divide. He is the former editor and publisher of U&lc (Upper and lower case) and of U&lc Online. He is the author and designer of Dot-font: Talking About Fonts and Dot-font: Talking About Design (Mark Batty Publisher, 2006), and the editor of Language Culture Type (ATypI/Graphis, 2002), Contemporary Newspaper Design, and U&lc: influencing design & typography. John has a deep and eclectic background in both editing and typography; he has made a career for more than twenty-five years in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco as an editor and book designer. He writes and consults extensively on typography, and he has won numerous awards for his book designs. He is currently a program manager with Microsoft Typography. He lives in Seattle with the writer Eileen Gunn. ... [More]

Roger Black

Principal The Font Bureau, Inc. | USA

Roger Black recently led redesigns of the Houston Chronicle, Popular Mechanics and the Los Angeles Times. He's a partner in The Font Bureau, Inc., which he started with David Berlow in 1989. And he runs the New York office of the publication consulting firm, Danilo Black, which he started the same year with Eduardo Danilo. Previously Black was chief art director of Newsweek, The New York Times, New York Magazine and Rolling Stone.... [More]

Filip Blažek

designer Designiq | Czech Republic

Filip Blažek (born 1974) works as a graphic designer in his studio Designiq in Prague, Czech Republic. Apart from being a designer, he is a co-author of Typography in practice (Praktická typografie), published by ComputerPress, 2000, 2004. He is a founder and a member of the editorial office of Typo Magazine, which focuses on typography, graphic design and visual communication. He is an owner of the Typo.cz server, dedicated to Central and Eastern European graphic design and typography. Since 1999, he gives lectures dealing with type and graphic design.... [More]

Andrew Byrom


Andrew Byrom was born in Liverpool, England in 1971. After Graduating from the University of East London in 1996 he opened his own design studio and worked for various clients including Penguin Books, The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters, The Industrial Design Centre, Time Out Online and The Guardian Newspaper. Around this time he also began teaching graphic design at The University of Luton and Central Saint. Martins. Byrom moved to the States in 2000 to teach at Northern Illinois University. In 2006 he moved to Long Beach to take up an Associate Professor position at California State University, where he is currently the Area Head of the Graphic Design Department. He divides his time between teaching, designing for various clients and playing with his sons, Auden and Louis. He has recently been commissioned to design typefaces and type treatments for Elle Decoration, The New York Times Magazine, McGraw-Hill, and Turner Classic Movies. His design work has featured in Print, Creative Review, Dwell, PAGE, Architectural Record and in several graphic design books including; TDC Annual 2008, Type Addicted, Typo: The Beautiful World of Fonts, New Typographic Design, and the AIGA Annual 2004. His work has been exhibited in design venues across the US and has been recognized with a Certificates of Excellence from the AIGA and The Type Directors Club.... [More]

Francisco Calles

Editor Tiypo | Mexico

Francisco studied graphic design at the UNAM; with Master Degrees in Visual Arts, Design Management and Design Processes. He has been a speaker, taught courses and published articles in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Bolivia, Guatemala and France on the subject of typography. He is the publisher of Tiypo magazine, director of the National Typography Conference in Mexico and coordinator of the Mexico chapter of the Latin American Typography Biennial. He is a professor at several universities in Mexico; president of the Mexican Association of Graphic Design Schools, Encuadre; and coordinator of the Masters in Typesetter Design of the Centro de Estudios Gestalt. He is member of ATypI and the advisory advice of foroalfa.... [More]

Laura Caso Barrera


Maya speaker. She also translates from the indian languages Itza and Mopan. Member of the National Research System. Ph.D. in History (2000) by El Colegio de México. Master in Social and cultural Antropology by the Calgary Universtiy. Alberta Canada. Her research interests are the mayan groups in Yucatan, and Guatemala, using mainly writen sources produced by the indians in their native languages. She has published widely several articles for international magazines and been invited as a lecturer worldwide. Among her most important publications: Caminos en la selva. Migración, comercio y resistencia. Mayas yucatecos e itzaes, siglos XVII-XIX. published by El Colegio de México and Fondo de Cultura Económica. ... [More]

Felipe Cáceres

Typographer & Type designer Unión de los Tipógrafos | Chile

Felipe Cáceres C. was born in 1982 in Santiago de Chile; is a Graphic Designer from the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana and has a diploma in Typography from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He is one of the refounders of the Unión de los Tipógrafos in Santiago and member of the organization of the Latin American Type Biennial «Tipos Latinos». He’s a member of ATypI.

Felipe has given classes and conferences about typography and his type «Altazor» was recognized in the last Latin American biennial.

He currently works as a designer in the Graphic, Type and Information Studio «Filete» in Santiago.

... [More]

François Chastanet

Architect & graphic designer | France

Born in 1975 in Bordeaux, France. A graduate of the École d’Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux, he pursued research in 2000 on signage systems at the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique in Nancy, and completed post-diploma studies in architectural and urban history at the École d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville in 2001. Teaches graphic design and typography since 2002 at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse, France. Works in architecture, graphic and type design and writes on contemporary epigraphy, with a special interest in the visual communication of urban subcultures. Already published a work of reference entitled ‹Pixação: São Paulo Signature›, a photographic survey in São Paulo, Brazil, documenting the relation between urban signature, body and architecture. Is about to publish a second work about Cholo Writing in Los Angeles at Dokument Press, fall 2009. www.francoischastanet.fr ... [More]

Albert Corbeto

Historian Reial Academia de Bones Lletres | Spain

Albert Corbeto (Barcelona, 1971) has a degree in Art History from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He is responsible for all the publishing activities of the Real Academia de Buenas Letras de Barcelona and the Asociación de Bibliófilos de Barcelona. His field of investigation is the history of printing types and, in particular, the work of Spanish punchcutters throughout the second half of the eighteenth century. He has published several articles and books on this subject.... [More]

Pablo Augusto Cosgaya

Prof. Universidad de Buenos Aires | Argentina

Pablo is a lecturer of Typography in the Graphic Design undergraduate program at FADU, Universidad de Buenos Aires. He is a member of the director's board of the new post-graduate program of Specialization in Typeface Design at FADU (Buenos Aires University). He was head of the team in charge of designing newspapers and periodicals in Argentina such as El Ciudadano (Rosario), La República (Corrientes), and Acción (Buenos Aires). He has designed the typefaces Patagonia (with Héctor Gatti), Proceso Sans, CDIcons (with Marcela Romero) and Loreto (with Eduardo Rodriguez Tunni). Pablo frequently writes about typography in specialized magazines. He is member of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).... [More]

Crystian Cruz

art director / type consultant Crystian Cruz studio | Brazil

Crystian Cruz is a graphic and type designer from São Paulo, Brazil. Since October 2008 he is taking part in the Master in Typeface Design program in Reading-UK. For the last ten years he worked as art director for a major Brazilian magazines and as type consultant for publishing companies and design studios. During this period he gave more than 40 lectures about typography in Brazil, including the participation as a speaker at DNA Tipográfico (Brazilian national type conference). Specialized in commissioned type design, his typefaces were awarded and published in type design competitions, expositions, magazines and books in Brazil, Argentina and the United States.... [More]

John Daggett

Software Engineer Mozilla Japan | Japan

John Daggett works on the graphics and text components of Firefox, a cross-platform web browser. He is a member of the CSS Working Group and the editor of the CSS3 Fonts specification. His interests are in richer text and graphics on the web via improvements to open standards.... [More]

Si Daniels

Lead Program Manager for Fonts Microsoft | USA

Si Daniels is a program manager in Microsoft’s typography group. He is a graduate of the typography and graphic communication program at The University of Reading in Berkshire, England. Si has responsibility over most of Microsoft’s western and middle-eastern typefaces, the Microsoft typography Web site (www.microsoft.com/typography/), and works with Microsoft’s diverse software, hardware and marketing groups on font related issues. He is a member of the ATypI Board. Si is one of the “bastards” referenced in his talk’s title. He has been working on web fonts, font embedding, font packaging and font redistribution issues for over twelve years. In the past two years, he has moderated or delivered talks on Web fonts at TypeCon, ATypI, and the first Business of Type conference.... [More]

Bill Davis

Ascender Corp. | USA

Bill Davis is one of the founding partners of Ascender Corporation. For the past twelve years Bill worked for Agfa Monotype and led the company’s marketing and business development efforts. Bill has over twenty years of experience in the typesetting and pre-press industry and first discovered his passion for type while a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology.... [More]

Jo A J De Baerdemaeker

typeface designer / researcher | Belgium

Jo De Baerdemaeker is a Belgian typeface designer, who received an MA with distinction in Typeface Design from the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication (University of Reading, UK) in 2004. During this MA he designed Lungta, a Latin-Tibetan OpenType font. In October 2005 he started a PhD at the Typography Department on 'Tibetan typeforms: an historical and visual analysis of Tibetan typefaces from their inception in 1738 up to the present day'. (www.typojo.com) ... [More]

Jorge de Buen

Imprimatvr | Mexico

Jorge de Buen studied Graphic Design in Mexico City. From 1994 to 2009 he moved to Tijuana to work in marketing and communication projects for the Agua Caliente race and sports books. He has conducted several workshops and conferences at many important institutions in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Spain, and the United States. He has written many articles for specialized magazines. The third edition of his book Manual de diseño editorial was published in 2009. He moved to Querétaro in 2009.... [More]

Kollontai Diniz

Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin |

Kollontai is a young researcher in the area of typography and native languages of Brazil. She obtained her bachelors degree in graphic design at the University of Brasilia in 2007, and during that time she was a trainee at the Fundação Nacional do Índio, the governmental protection agency for indigenous people interests and culture, where she worked on editorial projects in various native languages. After graduating she won the young scientist award from the Brazilian Society of Information Design, for her research. Kollontai currently works at the Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin in the University of São Paulo.... [More]

Catherine Dixon

Senior Lecturer / Designer Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design / Catherine Dixon: Design & Writing | UK

Catherine Dixon is a designer who also teaches at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London. She writes regularly on typography and type design, curates the bi-annual letterpress conference at St Bride Library, London and co-authored with Phil Baines the book Signs: lettering in the environment (2003). ... [More]

John Downer

Sign painter and type designer Voltage Inc | USA

John Downer is a sign painter and type designer who resides in Iowa City. He occasionally writes essays about hand lettering and type history. His debut text typeface was Bitstream Iowan Old Style, published in 1991, with additions in 2001. Some of his other typefaces have been released by Emigre, The Font Bureau, House Industries and Design Lab.... [More]

Mary D Dyson

Lecturer, Department of Typography & Graphic Communication The University of Reading | United Kingdom

"Mary Dyson has a PhD in perception and resides in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, UK. Her published research has explored legibility issues when reading from screen, but she has recently become more interested in how we perceive typefaces, both when we read and when we design them. This has led to a series of experiments on how designers discriminate between typefaces. As a psychologist, she is in the fortunate position of being immersed in a design environment which enables imaginative approaches to research into visual material." ... [More]

Zara Evens

Typophile | USA

UI Designer at Punchcut, administrator behind the scenes at Typophile. ... [More]

Priscila Lena Farias

Professor USP (Universidade de São Paulo) | Brazil

Priscila Lena Farias is the Head of the Post-graduate Program in Design at National Service for Commercial Education University (SENAC-São Paulo), and a professor at São Paulo University School of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU-USP). She is the President of the Brazilian Information Design Society (SBDI), Vice-president of the Brazilian Association for Design Research and Education (AEND|Brasil) and editor of InfoDesign – Brazilian Journal of Information Design. She has published widely on typography, graphic design and semiotics, and is the author of the books ‘Tipografia Digital’ and ‘Fontes digitais brasileiras’. She is also a type designer, with fonts distributed by T-26.... [More]

Lynn Fleming

| United States

Lynn Fleming is a graphic designer currently pursuing a Master of Fine Art degree in the 2-D Design department at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her work explores typographic form as it connects to issues of place and identity. Prior to her studies at Cranbrook, she was the Lead Graphic Designer for the Henry Art Gallery, the museum for contemporary art at the University of Washington. Fleming is on the advisory board of DesignInquiry, a non-profit educational organization devoted to researching design issues in intensive team-based gatherings.... [More]

Jim Gallagher

Tech Support Manager Fontlab Ltd. | USA

None... [More]

Héctor Galván


Héctor began his career designing textiles for Italian fashion companies. Early on, he also experimented with mexican folk and recycled textiles. From 2005 -2008, he was the director of fashion and textiles at centro de diseño cine y tv. He has designed exhibitions for Stefan Sagmeister, Mizohiro Nara (Puma), German Photography, Africa en Nostoros, and Absolut Gaultier (Leyds) National Museum of Art. His most well-known works are: the fashion, styling and uniforms at Hotel Condesa DF; the interior design at Hotel Deseo; and the interiors and furniture at Hotel Básico. Currently, Héctor is working on a wide range of projects, including: food culture, hospitality design, interior design, exhibition design and historic renovation.... [More]

Gonzalo Garcia Barcha

Graphic Designer | Mexico

Gonzalo García Barcha was born in Mexico City. He co-founded Ediciones del Equilibrista in 1986, where he designed his first books, and in the 90s’ he concentrated on the study of type designers in the viceroyalty of New Spain. The digital fonts "Enrico" and "Lagarto" are results of this research, as well as a collection of dingbats based on Mexican motifs from different periods. In 2003 he moved to France where he continues to work as a book-maker and graphic designer for films. He has been a member of TtypI since 1993.... [More]

Marina Garone Gravier

Researcher Research Institute of Bibliography-UNAM | Mexico

B.A. Design of Graphic Communication (UAM, México)
M.F.A Industrial Design (UNAM, México)
Typography and Type design Studies (SfG, Basel, Switzerland)
PhD Art History (UNAM, México),
Doctoral thesis: Colonial Typography for Indigenous Languages

Gold Medal for Academic Merits (UAM, 1995), Alfonso Caso Medal (UNAM, 2005), Publishing Design Art (Caniem 1995), Universitarian Edition (FIL 1997), Design Award (Quorum 1997).

She has worked for public, private and non-governmental institutions in the field of typography and publishing design since 1994. Her research topics are about design criticism, history of typography and design & gender. She has taught and lectured at different universities and educational institutions and presented papers at international conferences (Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, US and Turkey). She has published articles and essays at specialised magazines from Mexico, Argentina, España and USA, and has contributed to many books. Garone was the curator of two rare books exhibition in Mexico (Bienal Letras Latinas, Veracruz, 2004 and The Other Letters: Women Printers in the Rare-Book World, Bibliotecas Palafoxiana y Lafragua, Puebla, 2008) and direct Biograficas. History of Latin American Women Graphic Designer (www.biograficas.com).

... [More]

Francisco Gálvez

Graphic designer IPEVE, Diego Portales University |

Francisco is a Graphic Designer from IPEVE, Diego Portales University (Chile) and self-taught type designer. He teaches Typography courses at Universidad Católica de Chile and Diego Portales University. He was a design consultant for Santiago de Chile public transport’s information system (2003-2006) and author of the book “Educación tipográfica, una introducción a la tipografía” (Published in Chile, 2004 and Argentina, 2005). Among the main typefaces he has designed are “Australis” (Gold Prize at Morisawa Awards 2002, Tokyo, Japan) and font families for newspapers such as “La Discusión” (Chillán, 2008), and “La Tercera” in collaboration with Rodrigo Ramírez (Santiago, 2007-2008).... [More]

Denise Gonzales Crisp

Professor, Graphic designer North Carolina State University, College of Design, Graphic Design |

Denise Gonzales Crisp is a graphic designer and Professor in the Graphic Design department at North Carolina State University. She chaired the department from 2002 to 2006. She was Art Center College of Design’s senior designer from 1997 to 2002, and principal of her studio SuperStove! Her design is published internationally in publications such as KAK (RU), Graphis, Émigré, Metropolis, and Eye (UK), and was featured in a 2002 Paris exhibition East Coast/West Coast Dreams, the 2005 anthology All Access: The Making of Thirty Extraordinary Graphic Designers, and a 2009 exhibition Dimension+Typography (Chicago). Her essays are published in Émigré, Design and Culture Journal, Items Magazine, Design Observer, and several anthologies. Gonzales Crisp has been an invited speaker at The Walker Art Center (Insights design series), GraficEurope, Berlin, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, at the ArtCity Festival, Calgary, and numerous colleges and universities. She is author of *Relational Typography: Systems, Context, Form, Message (Thames & Hudson, December 2009). ... [More]

Horacio F Gorodischer

| Argentina

Horacio is architect nd graphic designer and he runs his own studio in Rosario, Argentina, since 1980. He teaches graphic design and ortho-typography at undergraduate and postgraduate level at Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Universidad Abierta Interamericana de Argentina and Universidad de Barcelona, Spain. He has lead research projects for the Ministry of Education of Argentina and he has lectured in several national and international conferences. He was the founder and director of "Box, Diseño y Subcultura" Magazine and his two first books will be published this year by the Editorial de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Santa Fe, Argentina).... [More]

Tomás Granados

Fondo the Cultural Economica |

Tomás Granados Salinas was born in Mexico City in 1970. Studied applied math and is currently a MS student (finance). Is the author of two volumes of short stories and a frequent contributor to Mexican newspapers and magazines, such as Reforma and Letras Libres. From 1997 to 2009 was the editor-in-chief of Hoja por Hoja, a monthly book review; from 2008 to 2009 was the editor-in-chief of Libros de México, the magazine of the Mexican publishers association. Is the director of the series Libros sobre Libros (Books about Books), where the Spanish translation of Robert Bringhurst's The Elements of Typographic Style appeared. Is currently a managing editor at Fondo de Cultura Económica. ... [More]

Ernesto Gutiérrez Cortés


Degree in Graphic Design. 15 years experience in the architecture of graphical information, graphic journalism, art director and image consultant for various print media. Conceptualizes and implements the guidelines of the criteria of creative and structural projects to maintain a close link between customers and Imago Studium ® (www.imagostudium.com) Consultant: National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexican Editorial Organization, Ocho Columnas, Fondo de Cultura Economica, state government of Zacatecas, Grupo Carso, Televisa and TV Azteca among others. He currently works as the Master's thesis: Editorial design to newspapers (newspaper design). Praxis and formal aspects of architecture graphical information for a systematic application. ... [More]

Fabio Haag

Type designer and Director of South America Dalton Maag Ltda | Brasil

Fabio Haag is typedesigner and Director of South America of the British foundry Dalton Maag, that for 18 years designs typefaces for clients worldwide like BMW, Puma, Toyota, Virgin and others. Before joining Dalton Maag, Fabio had previously founded the first type design company of the south of Brazil, designed Dalton Maag’s font Foco, and has had other works exhibited in more than nine countries. ... [More]

Ted Harrison

President Fontlab Ltd. | Canada

Dr. Harrison is the president and co-founder of Fontlab Ltd. He has been a member of ATypI for fourteen years and is a member of the board of directors. ... [More]

Juan Heilborn Diaz


Born in Asuncion-Paraguay in 1977. Graduated as a Graphic Designer. Ever since his years of student and part-time editorial designer, he has been developing typefaces especifically designed for Guarani and Castillian, the offical languages of his country. Teaches Editorial Design and Typography in the Universidad Nacional de Asunción. He works in editorial and educational design, social campaigns and typography in his studio. Member of the Tipos Latinos organization and of the Tipografía del Paraguay collective. Designed the typefaces Jeroky, Mitã'i, Compilada y E'a among others; all suitables for the two languages of Paraguay.... [More]

Cristobal Henestrosa

estudio-ch.com | Mexico

Cristóbal Henestrosa has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications from the National School of Plastic Arts of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and a master’s degree in Typographic Design from the Center for Gestalt Studies. He has been a teacher at various institutions, including the UNAM and the National Fine Arts Institute’s School of Design. His bachelor’s-degree thesis won first prize at the National Design Biennial. He is the author of Espinosa. Rescate de una tipografía novohispana (Mexico, Designio, 2005). As a type designer, he worked for the Fondo de Cultura Económica developing Fondo, which was awarded a prize by the TDC.... [More]

Wolfgang Homola

Designer | Austria

Wolfgang Homola is an independent type designer and graphic designer in Vienna. He worked several years for Bohatsch Visual Communication in Vienna and for Harper Collins Publishers in London. He holds an MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK.... [More]

Richard Kegler

Founder, art director P22 Type Foundry | USA

Richard Kegler is the founder and designer at P22 type foundry which marks its 15th year of operation in 2009. Before his involvement in type design, Mr. Kegler was a bookbinder, designer, postgraduate, artist seeking a respectable self-sustaining life as a hand-craftsman. Mr. Kegler has recently started a non-profit Book Arts Center in Buffalo NY and has returned to an active involvement in hand setting and printing metal and wood type as a concurrent career with digital font research at P22.... [More]

Jonathan Kew

Mozilla |

Jonathan Kew studied engineering at Cambridge University in England, before moving into linguistics and computing. From 1985 to 2008, he worked with SIL International, first in Asia and then based in the UK. During this time he has applied many levels of computing technology, from CP/M to Mac OS X, to various aspects of south Asian and near Eastern text processing and typesetting. In late 2008, he joined the Mozilla engineering team, and works primarily on font and text-related issues. His main interests lie in non-Roman font design and script engineering, text processing, and typesetting.... [More]

Viktor Kharyk

Font designer | Ukraine

Viktor Kharyk, graphic designer, was born (1957) and study (Design school, 1976 and Print University, 1982) in Kiev.

He creates and adapts Cyrillic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Georgian, Armenian, Arabian, Devanagari and Glagolitic fonts.

Viktor is a 3 time winner at the international competition TypeArt (Moscow, 2001) and a 2 time winner at the international competition TypeArt (Moscow, 2005).

He has authored essays about theory and history of fonts and his works are licensed by MasterFont, Elsner+Flake, and ParaType.

Viktor is also the ATypI country delegate for Ukraine.

... [More]

David Kimura


David studied Graphic Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana and Visual Communication in the Basel School of Design. He was a founding partner of the studios Kimera and Bésame Mucho. Since 2005 he works with Gabriela Varela focusing in editorial design. Their work has been published and exhibited in Mexico, Germany, Argentina, the United States and Japan. He received the TDC’s Certificate of Typographic Excellence in 2009 and the Quorum prize in 2007 and 2008. He has taught in undergraduate and master’s degree programs at the Universidad Iberoamericana and the Centro de Estudios Gestalt. He is a member of the Círculo de Tipógrafos.... [More]

Gerardo Kloss


Gerardo Kloss was born in Mexico City in 1965 and has worked since 1982 as Designer, Publisher, Typographer, Copywriter, Screenwriter, Art Director, Reporter and Teacher. He made a BA in Graphic Communication Design (1987) and a Master of Publishing (1999). He is the author of two books: Entre el diseño y la edición (Between Design and Publishing, 2002, reprinted in Mexico and translated in Brazil) and El papel del editor (The role of Publisher, 1998, now heading to its third Mexican edition), besides some 25 articles published in Mexico and Spain, photos, engravings and short tales. He was President of the Mexican Association of Graphic Design Schools (2001-2003), and Publisher of Encuadre, revista de la enseñanza del diseño. Now he is heading a brand new Masters Programme in Design and Publishing at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco. ... [More]

Kevin Larson

Researcher Microsoft Advanced Reading Technologies | USA

Kevin Larson received his PhD in cognitive psychology in 2000 from the University of Texas at Austin. His passion is understanding the impact of typography on the reading experience and applying that understanding towards improving on-screen reading. People have literally been shocked during some of his recent presentations.... [More]

Gerry Leonidas

Senior Lecturer in Typography University of Reading | United Kingdom

Gerry Leonidas studied Business Administration and Journalism, and worked in book and magazine publishing in Greece before finding his way to the University of Reading for postgraduate studies in typography. He never got round to leaving, and now teaches typographic design with a bias for the online. He is also the MA Typeface Design programme director, and designs when time permits, but mostly helps others tackle Greek typefaces. He is long overdue with his PhD on design processes in Greek and Latin digital typefaces.... [More]

Jason E Lewis


Jason E. Lewis is a digital media artist, poet and software designer. He founded Obx Laboratory for Experimental Media, where he directs research/creation projects investigating post-Postscript typography, devising new means of creating and reading digital texts, developing systems for creative use of mobile technology, and designing alternative interfaces for live performance. Obx Labs is deeply committed to developing intriguing new forms of expression by working on conceptual, creative and technical levels simultaneously. Lewis’ artwork and writing about media have been featured in exhibitions and conferences on four continents. He is currently an Associate Professor of Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. [ jason.lewis@concordia.ca ] [ www.obxlabs.net ]... [More]

Gabriel Martinez Meave

Type designer, KTF principal Kimera Typefoundry | Mexico

Gabriel is a Mexican graphic and letterform designer, illustrator and calligrapher. He is the founder and director of Kimera studio. He has been recipient of numerous awards in Type Design, from the TDC of New York and the ATypI, among others. His work has been reviewed in magazines such as How, Step, Communication Arts, Matiz and Étapes. Gabriel has given lectures and workshops in both sides of the Atlantic. Gabriel’s work is featured in the book Area 2, issued by Phaidon, among 100 of today’s leading young designers. He is member of the ATypI and the TDC of New York.... [More]

Bryan Mason

President and a founder Small Batch Inc, |

Bryan Mason is the President and a founder of Small Batch Inc, the makers of Typekit. Prior to starting Small Batch Inc, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Adaptive Path, where he's responsible for managing the company's business operations. Over the past ten years, Bryan has managed brilliant people in all kinds of settings, including the Salt Lake City Olympics, The White House, The Lincoln Center Theater, and Blogger.... [More]

Jan Middendorp

Owner Jan Middendorp Design Type Writing | Germany

Jan Middendorp is a Dutch type writer and page maker working in Berlin. He wrote the acclaimed Dutch Type and co-edited Made with FontFont. He is a contributor to Eye and was one of the 10 curators of Area2 (Phaidon). He works as consultant and editor for companies such as Linotype, MyFonts and LucasFonts.... [More]

Diego Mier y Terán

Estudio frutas y verduras | Mexico

Diego is a graphic designer with a masters degree in type design from the Type and Media program in The Hague. His thesis project was entitled “Tuhun. A typographic exploration of the Mixtec language”. He is interested in investigating and promoting the social, cultural and ethical dimensions of design and its power as an agent of change. He teaches at the Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico city, and works with his wife and partner, Kythzia Barrera, in their Estudio Frutas y Verduras, a platform for creation that arises in the intersection of design and its surroundings.... [More]

Christopher J. Moore

Assistant Professor Concordia University, Department of Design & Computation Arts | Canada

Christopher Moore is a Canadian designer and educator whose cross-disciplinary practice ranges from commercial publication design to media-based installations. Christopher studied illustration at the Ontario College of Art, and received a MFA in Design from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1999. His creative research currently focuses on appropriated digital content, and the emergence of new genres of folk art facilitated by social media applications. For the past ten years, he has taught at several institutions across Canada, and currently holds the position of Assistant Professor in Design & Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal.... [More]

Sébastien Morlighem

Professor/Researcher/Graphic Designer École supérieure d’art et de design d’Amiens | France

Sébastien Morlighem (1971) was trained in type design and calligraphy by Franck Jalleau & Michel Derre in the early 1990’s at the École supérieure Estienne (Paris). He started teaching in 1997 the history of typography & type design in this school, while working mainly as a book designer. He’s currently teaching at the École supérieure d’art et de design d’Amiens. He’s the curator of the “Bibliothèque typographique”, a collection of books dedicated to punchcutters & type designers and published by Ypsilon Éditeur. The first book, about José Mendoza y Almeida (co-written by Morlighem & Martin Majoor, with an introduction by Jan Middendorp), has been published in February 2010. ... [More]

Darío Manuel Muhafara

Type designer tipo | Argentina

Born in Bs. As. Argentina in 1973. Graphic designer. Has studied design and typography in Ort Argentina, Parsons School and School of Visual Arts in NY. In 1998 he began to actively take part in the field of typography while at the same time he worked as a teacher of typography at the University of Buenos Aires during the years 2002/3. Has been performing typefaces for several companies like FontFont and Linotype. His more remarkables are FF Jackie, LT cineplex, Malena and overlock. Actually is member of T-convoca and Bienal Tipos Latinos, both with their interested on the diffusion of Latin America typography. He is co-founder of tipo.net.ar a digital type foundry from Argentina. ... [More]

Bruno Nadeau


Bruno Nadeau is a computation artist with a special interest for technologies to thinker with, unusual interactive interfaces, and digital typography. His interactive artwork has been shown in new media art galleries like Oboro in Montréal and the Beall Center for Arts and Technology in Irvine. His publications have been presented as part of international conferences such as Digital Arts and Culture and Tangible and Embedded Interactions. Bruno received a M.S. in Information and Computer Sciences with a concentration in Arts, Computation and Engineering (ACE) from UC Irvine, and holds a B.Sc. with a major in Computation Arts from Concordia University in Montréal.[ bits.in.shambles@gmail.com ] [ www.brunonadeau.com ]... [More]

Henrique Nardi

designer Tipocracia | Brazil

Henrique Nardi was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He has Bachelors degree in Graphic Design at Anhembi Morumbi, Graphic Technology at SENAI and a Master degree in Visual Arts at UNESP. In 2003, he founded "Tipocracia: typographic state", a project concerned with typographic culture stimulus and dissemination throughout Brazil.... [More]

Titus Nemeth

Typographer tntypography | France

Titus Nemeth is a typographer, a student, and a teacher. As a frequent traveller, his outlook is worldwide, privately as well as professionally with clients such as the BBC World Service, Fontsmith UK, the Brill publishing house in the Netherlands and WinSoft in France. He works independently as designer and consultant and teaches at the ESAD Amiens and the ESAV Marrakesh. Since 2010 Titus researches aspects of the history of Arabic typography as a PhD candidate at the University of Reading, UK. Titus studied Graphic Design at die Graphische in Vienna, Austria, and holds an MA with Distinction in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. He studied Arabic in Syria, taught typography as an Assistant Professor at the VCUQ in Doha and pursued research at the post-diplôme of the ESAD. Titus Nemeth is a member of ATypI, the TDC New York and Design Austria.... [More]

Osvaldo Olivera Villagra


Born in Asunción in 1970. Graduated in graphic design. Worked in newspapers as graphic desgner til 1999, when opens his own studio with his wife, A4 design. Studied in the Tecnológico de Monetrrey (Guadalajara, México) Buenos Aires, and Sao Paulo. Teaches in the Universidad Carólica de Asunción in the Graphic design and Comunication careers. Has published articles in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Panama. Has presented his work of “History of paraguayan design” in Buenos Aires and Rosario in Argentina and in Montevideo, Uruguay.... [More]

Enrique Ollervides

Hula+Hula | Mexico

After sudying graphic design at the Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City, Quique joined forces with Cha! and founded Hula+Hula, a design studio strongly influenced by uninhibited use of color, humor, odd typography and lots of hand drawn elements. They have worked for MTV Latin America, Cartoon Network, KidRobot, Nike, Frito-Lay, L’Oreal, Televisa and various major record labels. His work has been shown and published in galleries and books from Mexico to Japan, and some of his fonts F76F73 are distributed by T26. In 2006 he co-founded KONG, Mexico's first low-brow art and design store and gallery. He taught typography at the Universidad Intercontinental during the years 1997-2006 and at CENTRO in 2006.... [More]

Annie Opitz Olsen

Type designer SIL International | USA

Annie started noticing letterforms at age 14, and took her first calligraphy class a few years later. Through teaching and free-lance work she continued to learn about the form and structure of Latin letters, and worked once with Hebrew. Although part of SIL International since 1987, it was not until 2003 that Annie discovered that her calligraphic background could serve the world’s non-dominant language communities through type design and font development. Trained by colleague Victor Gaultney, she has made contributions to SIL fonts such as Gentium, Charis SIL, and Tai Heritage; she is currently team lead for the Andika project. ... [More]

Hrant Papazian

Typeface Designer The MicroFoundry | USA

Hrant Papazian is an Armenian native of Lebanon, currently living in Los Angeles. His perspective on written communication was formed at the crossroads of three competing visual cultures. A multimedia designer by trade, his true love remains the black-and-white, but colorful world of non-Latin typeface design, with commissions from Agfa, Unitype, IKEA, the Narod Cultural Institute, Disney, UCLA, the Israel Postal Authority, Liverpool University and TeX Users Group.... [More]

Josep Patau

Graphic designer Josep Patau Bellart | Spain

Josep Patau (Les Borges Blanques, 1971-) is a graphic designer, who has been working on web design since he started his studio Can Antaviana in 1996. He also began designing fonts, some of that first period can be downloaded free at www.astramat.com. Since 2003, his type designs have been published by the american foundry t26. He has won several awardas for his work, he holds a Laus Prize (spanish’s design Oscars) for Anduaga, a calligraphic typeface from 18th Century. His font Confetti was included in the list “Our Favorite Typefaces of 2006” from www.typographica.org. He is also one of the founding members, in 1999, of the main typography reference web in spanish: www.unostiposduros.com... [More]

Alejandro J Paul

Type designer Sudtipos | Argentina

Alejandro Paul is one of the founders of the Sudtipos project, the first Argentinean type foundry collective. He taught graphic design and typography at the Universidad de Buenos Aires from 1996 until 2004 and has worked as an art director in prestigious Argentina-based studios, handling high-profile corporate brands such as Arcor, Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson, Danone and others. He has walked away with awards from several design competitions. Since 2003 he began working designing fonts and lettering for several top packaging agencies. In 2006 he was a speaker at TMDG06, the largest Latin American graphic design event - more than 4,000 designers were in attendance. He also taught and spoke in conferences at Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, México, Canada and United States. His work has been featured in publications around the globe, including Step, Creative Review, Visual, Creative Arts, Novum among others publications. In 2009 he  received a Type Directors Club for the second time, this year with his typeface Adios Script.... [More]

Ximena Pérez Grobet


Born in Mexico City, 1965. Graduated from Industrial Design at the University of Mexico (UNAM); she has several studies in typography and artists books from Parsons School of Design, School of Visual Arts, and Center for Book Arts in NY. She has gained several grants, such as JICA Design Grant in Japan and Visual Arts Grant, Conaculta, in Mexico. Pérez Grobet designs and supervises production of artists’ books for her own firm, Nowhere Man Press, as well as artists books and art books for other publishers, such as Carnets de Peintre, Gustavo Gili in Barcelona, Ediciones del equilibrista, Editorial Diamantina, Ediciones Arquine + RM, Grupo Desea, all in Mexico City; Marsilio Press in New York; Turner Libros in Madrid. She has presented installations at galleries in Mexico City and Barcelona. Her work has been shown in Mexico, England, Spain, United States.... [More]

Thomas Phinney


Thomas Phinney is senior product manager for font solutions at Extensis. From 1997-2008 he worked in type at Adobe, lastly as product manager for fonts and global typography. Thomas is involved in the design, technical, forensic, business and historical aspects of type, treasurer of ATypI, and writes for Communication Arts and CreativePro.com as well as thomasphinney.com. He has testified in court as an expert witness, and was twice quoted in the Washington Post regarding the presumably forged National Guard memos concerning US President Bush. Thomas has an MS in printing from RIT, and an MBA from UC Berkeley. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original... [More]

Veronica Pina Morales


Veronica Pina Morales. Bachelor Degree in Design of Graphical Communication UAM Azcapotzalco. Academic of the FES Cuautitlan of the UNAM Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in the area of Design of the Graphical Communication. Work of Investigation in the interpretation of the bi-three-dimensional form and its representation through the virtual reality. At the moment development of virtual libraries of the knowledge. Email veronica_pm@hotmail.com... [More]

Luz Rangel


Graphic designer with a degree in Creativity and Advertising Strategy by EDINBA (Mexico), she followed the PhD programme “The Typographic Revolutions” at the University of Barcelona. She developed the first ten years of professional activity in Mexico in the design, communication, publicity and marketing areas. In 2000, she moves to Barcelona, collaborating in cultural projects with Disseny i Produccions Culturals Enric Franch, and specializing in museography and museology. She has taught in several schools in Mexico and in the Escola Superior de Disseny Elisava – Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. Currently finishing her doctoral thesis, under the direction of Enric Tormo (University of Barcelona) and Aureli Alabert (Autonomous University of Barcelona).... [More]

Claudio Rodríguez Álvarez


Master in Design. Coordinates and oversees the creative guidance of projects while maintaining a strong and dynamic communication between editors, designers and Imago Studium ®. (www.imagostudium.com) Belongs to the Society of Newspaper Design, where he was director for Latin America from 1988 to 1993. In partnership with Roger Black and Mario Garcia redesigned Novedades newspaper. He has won 22 prizes in the competition for SND. Design teaches Journalism at The Poynter Institute, was a member of the faculty of the same. ... [More]

Alberto Ruy Sánchez

Writer, poet and essayist |

Alberto is a writer, poet and essayist from Mexico City. He has a Ph.D. in 1980 from the University of Paris under the directorship of Roland Barthes. His novels include: Los nombres del aire, Los demonios de la lengua, En los labios del agua, and Los jardines secretos de Mogador. He has published widely in scholarly journals and is the author of several books of literary criticism. In 2000 he was proclaimed Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government. He has served as a Visiting Tinker Scholar at Stanford University and as the Chairman of Creative Non-Fiction Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts. ... [More]

Hyun-Guk Ryu

Associate Professor Tsukuba University of Technology | Japan

The native place is South Korea. The graduation of the master process of National Tokyo Gakugei University design education completion, Doctor of Design; National Kyushu Institute of Design, The main employment record; Detector of Mos Design Laboratory, Associate Professor of National Tsukuba College of Technology, Associate Professor now National University Corporation: Tsukuba University of Technology Department of Synthesis Design, The specialty of Hangul Typeface Design & history. ... [More]

Consuelo Saizar


Director of the Mexican Art and Culture National Council (Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, a.k.a. CONACULTA)... [More]

José Scaglione

Founder TypeTogether | Argentina

José Scaglione is a graphic and multimedia designer, and a graduate from the MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK. He currently teaches typography at the National University of Rosario, Argentina, and he runs his own design studio, specialized in editorial design, branding and typographic consultancy. He is a partner of the independent font foundry Type Together.... [More]

Alison Schroeder


Alison Schroeder is a painter living in Cuernavaca, an hour south of Mexico City. She teaches art to elementary school students and is working on an animated film for her MFA thesis project. She has shown her work in the US, Mexico, and France. She likes thinking big and getting dirty.... [More]

Christian E Schwartz

Principal Schwartzco Inc. | United States

Christian Schwartz (b. 1977) is a partner, along with Paul Barnes, in Commercial Type, a foundry based in New York and London. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Schwartz worked at MetaDesign Berlin and Font Bureau prior to spending several years working on his own before forming Schwartzco Inc. in 2006 and Commercial Type in 2008. Schwartz has published fonts with many respected independent foundries, and has designed proprietary typefaces for corporations and publications worldwide. Schwartz's typefaces have been honored by the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, the New York Type Director's Club, and the International Society of Typographic Designers, and his work with Barnes has been honored by D&AD. As part of the Guardian redesign team they were shortlisted for the Designer of the Year prize by the Design Museum in London. Schwartz and Barnes also were named two of the 40 most influential designers under 40 by Wallpaper*, and Schwartz was included in Time magazine's 2007 "Design 100". In early 2007, Schwartz and German design luminary Erik Spiekermann were awarded a gold medal by the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) for the typeface system they designed for Deutsche Bahn.... [More]

Georg Seifert

Student www.schriftgestaltung.de | Germany

None... [More]

Maria del Carmen Serrano

dyslexia intervention specialist Galena Park, ISD | United States

"Give back, create change, and build a better future. Each of us can make a difference”

Bachelor in Graphic Design, Elementary Self-Contained (PK-6), Bilingual-ESL, Spanish (PK-12), Mentor Technology Teacher & Presenter

Maria attended the Universidad Iberoamericana and graduated as a graphic designer in 2000 with the thesis: “Tipography in Urban Exteriors”. This same year, she was hired as a kindergarten bilingual teacher in Houston, TX and worked for six years with early childhood learners by teaching them how to read and write in English and in Spanish in a self-contained environment.

Tipographic concepts have been very close to her heart since she has had the opportunity to expose her students to different types of illustrational techniques and types of fonts in the books we have the pleasure to read. In our daily work, “phonemes”, represented by the alphabet, were integral parts of our lessons.

During these years Maria had the opportunity to explore different teaching techniques as well as develop several research investigations that were grant winners and were presented in different conferences such as: KTOT (Kindergarten Teachers of Texas), Region IV Bilingual/ESL Conference (2004), Multi sensory Activities to reinforce grammar syllables C,S,Z (2005) , Integrating concepts of Symmetry and Fractions in Kindergarten (2006) this conferences were held in the Early Childhood Winter Conference and in the Harris County Department of Education. The most recent presentation was “Factors to consider during the process of learning to read: Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrom” (2007, 2008)

After school programs havde given her the opportunity to teach English, Spanish and technology to the parents of her students working with the Consulado de México in Houston as an adult English/Spanish literacy teacher. Three years ago, she entered into the world of dyslexia and started working with bilingual students (English and Spanish) She has been using different educational approaches such as: Niehaus Method – DIP dyslexia intervention program, Esperanza, Estrellitas, Reading Readiness Academy and has obtained the certification to be a Certified Irlen Screener. Maria is a member of IDA, the International Dyslexia Association.... [More]

Juliet Shen

Shen Design | United States

Master of Arts, Typeface Design, University of Reading

1989–present. Principal, Shen Design, Seattle, WA.

18 years; currently typography instructor, School of Visual Concepts, Seattle

Recent projects
2009 Lushootseed School and Lushootseed Sulad fonts for the Tulalip Tribes, Washington state
2007 Earlybird type family for Oxford University Press educational division
2007 Resurrection of a Reliance, article on refurbishment of a 19th century iron handpress for school use

2009 Hamilton Museum of Wood Type & Printing-Lushootseed 2009 ATypI-Lushootseed, the language of the people 2009 TypeCon Education Forum-assignment presentation 2008 TypeCon—The Initial Teaching Alphabet: How a calligrapher, a crusader and a corporation influenced the design of an alphabet for teaching children to read.
2007 TypeCon and ATypI—Searching for Morris Fuller Benton: Discovering the designer through his typefaces

... [More]

David W Shields

Associate Professor The University of Texas at Austin | United States

David Shields is an Assistant Professor of Design in the Department of Art & Art History at The University of Texas at Austin. Before joining the ut Faculty in 2004, David lived in Brooklyn where he co-founded the design studio Viewers Like You. He is currently focusing on historical and visual research of 19th century typographic form, through investigations of the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection, and the significance that 19th century technical processes can have on contemporary digital type production practices. Shields holds a BFA from Memphis State University and a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.... [More]

Martí Soler


... [More]

Erik Spiekermann

Designer | Germany

Erik Spiekermann is information architect, type designer (FF Meta, ITC Officina, FF Info, FF Unit, LoType, Berliner Grotesk et al.) and author. He was founder (1979) of MetaDesign, Germany’s largest design firm with offices in Berlin, London and San Francisco. In 1988 he started FontShop. He holds an honorary professorship at the Academy of Arts in Bremen, is board member of ATypI and the German Design Council, and president of the istd International Society of Typographic Designers. In July 2000, Erik left MetaDesign Berlin. He now lives and works in Berlin, London and San Francisco, designing publications, complex design systems and more typefaces.... [More]

Adam Twardoch

Product and marketing manager Fontlab Ltd. | Germany

Based in Berlin, Adam Twardoch is working in the field of font technology, multilingual typography, CSS webfonts, Unicode and OpenType. He serves as product and marketing manager at Fontlab Ltd. He also works as a typographic consultant to MyFonts and other clients worldwide. He is member of the ATypI Board and was involved in the organization of four ATypI conferences. Adam has been teaching workshops in font creation in the UK, USA, Germany, Russia and his native Poland. In 2007, he edited the Polish edition of Robert Bringhurst’s book “The Elements of Typographic Style”. ... [More]

Leonardo Vazquez

Macizotype | Mexico

Leonardo is a Mexican graphic designer and typographer. In 1998 he settled down in France where he studied in the Atelier National en Recherche Tipographique, then after 4 years living in Paris, he returned to México in 2001, and since then he has been working in the editorial field. In 2005 he received the Excellence in type design award by the TDC for his typeface Bunker. He was part of the organizing committee for Atypi Mexico en 2009.... [More]

Jeffrey Veen

CEO Small Batch Inc, |

Jeffrey Veen is the CEO and a founder of Small Batch Inc, the makers of Typekit. Prior to starting Small Batch Inc, he served as User Experience Manager at Google. Before that, he founded Measure Map a blog analytics tool that Google acquired, as well as Adaptive Path — a user experience consulting group in San Francisco. He is a frequent speaker and the author of two books on web design... [More]

Dyana Weissman


Dyana Weissman is a typeface designer with The Font Bureau, Inc. She has lectured at Type Camp and various arts colleges in New England. When she is not thinking about type, she is napping, working film festivals, or debating her coworkers about the existence of free will.... [More]

Frank Wildenberg

Managing Director Linotype GmbH | Germany |

Managing Director Linotype GmbH | Germany After more than a decade of international experience in non-type businesses Frank followed Linotype's call in 2005 to become its Director for Sales and Marketing. Since 2006 he is heading Linotype, the home of the world's leading typeface library with well known typeface families such as Frutiger, Helvetica, Palatino, Univers and many others. In this role Frank managed to further develop the company's business and grow its offering of products and font related services. Palatino Sans, DIN Next, Malabar, Neue Frutiger and many other successful designs have been launched under his direction as well as FontExplorer X Pro, the state-of-the art font management solution. Frank is not a type designer, and therefore somehow exotic in this business, but has developed in the last 4 years a strong appreciation and respect for type design and its creators.... [More]

Masayuki Yamamoto

Associate Professor Tama Art University | Japan

Masayuki Yamamoto graduated in visual communication design from University of Tsukuba before studying typography at the University of Reading. He is now teaching Typography and Visual Communication design as an Associate Professor at the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.... [More]

Oscar Yanez

Design Editor GEE | Mexico

Oscar Yáñez has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication Design from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) and a master’s degree in Typographic Design from the Centro de Estudios Gestalt. His work in periodical publications has awards from different associations, like Society of News Design, Society of Publications Design and the Cámara de la Industria Editorial Mexicana. He is member of ATypI, TDC-NY and Círculo de Tipógrafos.... [More]

Yuri Yarmola

Vice President R&D Fontlab Ltd. | Russia

Yuri Yarmola began dabbling with fonts in 1989, and designed the first of many font editors and utilities in 1991. He designed and led development of all versions of FontLab and FontLab Studio, as well as a number of other applications published by Fontlab Ltd. He lives and works in St Petersburg, Russia, as Vice President Research & Development of Fontlab Ltd. In 2007, Yuri received the 2nd Linotype Font Technology Award. When not working, he skis on high mountains. ... [More]

Elie Zananiri


Elie Zananiri is an artist with a knack for film and interactive media. His short films such as “Paperboy” and “Dick Johnson: No Strings Attached” have been screened at various festivals including Fantasia, Spasm, and Uppsala. His new media projects including “faceCloth” and “tweetPad” have been presented at SoukMachines and Medialab-Prado. Always looking to broaden his horizons, Elie is currently entering the final stages of receiving his Masters in Interactive Telecommunications at New York University. He holds a B.Sc. from Concordia University in Computer Science and Computation Arts with a minor in Mathematics & Statistics. [ www.silentlycrashing.net ] [ prisonerjohn@gmail.com ]... [More]

Alejandro Zenker


Alejando is an editor, translator and photographer. He studied pedagogy in Germany, and translation in the Colegio de Mexico. Actually he is the director of Solar Servicios Editoriales, Ediciones el Ermitaño and El instituto del libro y la lectura. Among many other activities, and titles, he was the founder of the Professional Translators Association, and member of the International Translation Federation. He is an active suporter of using new technologies in the book production and reading technologies. He has published various articles and essays about translation and edition and given lectures around this topics internationally.... [More]