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Marina Garone Gravier

Researcher Research Institute of Bibliography-UNAM | Mexico

B.A. Design of Graphic Communication (UAM, México)
M.F.A Industrial Design (UNAM, México)
Typography and Type design Studies (SfG, Basel, Switzerland)
PhD Art History (UNAM, México),
Doctoral thesis: Colonial Typography for Indigenous Languages

Gold Medal for Academic Merits (UAM, 1995), Alfonso Caso Medal (UNAM, 2005), Publishing Design Art (Caniem 1995), Universitarian Edition (FIL 1997), Design Award (Quorum 1997).

She has worked for public, private and non-governmental institutions in the field of typography and publishing design since 1994. Her research topics are about design criticism, history of typography and design & gender. She has taught and lectured at different universities and educational institutions and presented papers at international conferences (Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, US and Turkey). She has published articles and essays at specialised magazines from Mexico, Argentina, España and USA, and has contributed to many books. Garone was the curator of two rare books exhibition in Mexico (Bienal Letras Latinas, Veracruz, 2004 and The Other Letters: Women Printers in the Rare-Book World, Bibliotecas Palafoxiana y Lafragua, Puebla, 2008) and direct Biograficas. History of Latin American Women Graphic Designer (www.biograficas.com).

Presentation details

Colonial Typography for Native Languages of Latin America (XVI-XIX Century)
México, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia y Chile

Session 4 | Room MIDE
Monday 26 October | 10:50 – 11:10

Duration: 20 minutes

The printing press came to New World, mainly, for producing books in the native languages. This required some adjustments to the Latin alphabet wich generated various semiotic processes. This conference will show many visual examples of prints made in Spanish America and Europe, between the XVI to XIX Century, for languages of six Latin American countries. My working and study on typography and design for indigenous languages, which I started 12 years ago, has been pioneer on the subject and has contributed to further research and projects on type design and publishing for native languages.

Type and native languages in postcolonial America

Session 741 | Room MIDE
Monday 26 October | 17:00 – 17:50

Duration: 50 minutes

This section is dedicated to the field of typography and native languages of Latin America in postcolonial context. The three panelists will be presenting a brief overview of the rich multilingual reality of their regions (Brasil, Mexico and Paraguay) and bring together key questions they have been faced with through their works on typography research and typeface design: cultural imposition on the transcript of the oral to the written word; lack of typographic and visual criteria in the creation of new writing systems; technological and practical problems in the use of alphabets. As well as showcase how they address these questions.

Typography books in spanish

Panel session NA | Room Anahuac room 1
Friday 30 October | 12:40 – 13:00

Duration: 20 minutes

What challenges do authors face for publishing type books in spanish? What are the key books that are missing for type education at undergraduate level? What are the translation issues behind writing type related books? These and other questions will be addressed by a distinguished group of panelist.

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