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Henrique  Nardi

designer Tipocracia | Brazil

Henrique Nardi was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He has Bachelors degree in Graphic Design at Anhembi Morumbi, Graphic Technology at SENAI and a Master degree in Visual Arts at UNESP. In 2003, he founded "Tipocracia: typographic state", a project concerned with typographic culture stimulus and dissemination throughout Brazil.

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Lambe-lambe letters: Grafica Fidalga, São Paulo

Session 78 | Room MIDE
Tuesday 27 October | 16:40 – 17:00

Duration: 20 minutes

Lambe-lambe (literally 'lick-lick') is a vernacular printing tradition once popular for promoting theatre and spectacle in Brazil. Long in decline the city of São Paulo still boasts a working lambe-lambe printshop, Grafica Fidalga. Here is found a rich history of hand-generated letterforms carved as wooden blocks used to print vibrant poster series. While the persuasive aesthetic of these posters and the nostalgia of Grafica Fidalga has been celebrated by some, this presentation sets out a fuller account of the remarkable process underpinning the work, the joy of documenting it through hands-on engagement and the filmed and printed results of this collaboration. Catherine also says: Grafica Fidalga has featured in the UK on the cover of Creative Review magazine. And a recently uploaded YouTube video has already been viewed some 20,000 times. However both don't really tell the whole or the accurate story behind this workshop, so it would be good to talk in more detail about the work that happens there - especially in terms of the letterforms they use. If at all possible a 40 minutes slot would work best. We can then talk generally about the project, establishing some kind of context for what we saw and are showing. I know that in the UK there is a letterpress workshop trying to simulate the Grafica Fidalga techniques. It would be good to show how this is working out, in terms of how new techniques can be found in old and unexpected places. And another letterpress workshop which has recently acquired a huge theatrical type collection from the UK. So these vernacular theatrical voices seem to be in the ascendency in terms of interest. After the general outline of our project it would then be good to screen some of the filmed results - 10 to 15 minutes or so [to be included within the overall 40 min slot]. Sorry, it is hard to be accurate about the filmed parts of the proposed presentation given that they haven't been edited as final versions yet.

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