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Darío Manuel Muhafara

Type designer tipo | Argentina

Born in Bs. As. Argentina in 1973. Graphic designer. Has studied design and typography in Ort Argentina, Parsons School and School of Visual Arts in NY. In 1998 he began to actively take part in the field of typography while at the same time he worked as a teacher of typography at the University of Buenos Aires during the years 2002/3. Has been performing typefaces for several companies like FontFont and Linotype. His more remarkables are FF Jackie, LT cineplex, Malena and overlock. Actually is member of T-convoca and Bienal Tipos Latinos, both with their interested on the diffusion of Latin America typography. He is co-founder of tipo.net.ar a digital type foundry from Argentina.

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Multiple purpose uses
New paradigm of the contemporary typefaces design

Session 16 | Room Anahuac room 3
Friday 30 October | 12:20 – 12:40

Duration: 20 minutes

Analysis and particularities of the design of typefaces that works correctly in an ample rank of body sizes. Although it is a present subject, the design of typefaces of multiple purpose uses is still under development. Their foundations, theoretical and practical qualities are vague and general. Some first results on the subject appear from an investigation based on studies of different typefaces realised under this premise, interviews to professionals of the discipline, technical comparisons and descriptions of their methods of work. Also it will be tried to unravel how much there is of versatility in these typographies and how much it is a good argument of sale.

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