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Viktor Kharyk

Font designer | Ukraine

Viktor Kharyk, graphic designer, was born (1957) and study (Design school, 1976 and Print University, 1982) in Kiev.

He creates and adapts Cyrillic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Georgian, Armenian, Arabian, Devanagari and Glagolitic fonts.

Viktor is a 3 time winner at the international competition TypeArt (Moscow, 2001) and a 2 time winner at the international competition TypeArt (Moscow, 2005).

He has authored essays about theory and history of fonts and his works are licensed by MasterFont, Elsner+Flake, and ParaType.

Viktor is also the ATypI country delegate for Ukraine.

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Old Roman Styles and Cyrillic
Historical examples and modern experience

Session 5 | Room MIDE
Tuesday 27 October | 16:00 – 16:20

Duration: 20 minutes

1. The influence of Italian Renaissance on Balkan Cyrillic in the 15-16th centuries. Lapidary examples and editions by Giorgio Rusconi. 2. Franciscus Skoryna’s type experiments, and other examples from the 16-17th centuries. 3. New approach to the Old Roman in Russia in the beginning of the 20th century. Typefoundries of Leman and Berthold. 4. Soviet “Renaissance” and new Cyrillic Roman-styled types from the middle of the 20th century. Work of Galina Bannikova, Anatoliy Shchukin, Vadim Lazurskiy, Evgeniy Gannushkin. 5. Modern Cyrillic Roman-styled types: The developments of the last 50 years. 6. Re-creation of the Ladoga type (Anatoliy Shchukin, 1960es; Viktor Kharyk, 2005-2006) and its development in multilingual typefamily (Latin, mono- and polytonic Greek with archaic letters, Hebrew (all variants), as well as the extended Cyrillic with support of Old Cyrillic and Cyrillic writings of Asia, Caucasus, Siberia and North Europe conforming to new Unicode Standard).

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