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Gerry Leonidas

Senior Lecturer in Typography University of Reading | United Kingdom

Gerry Leonidas studied Business Administration and Journalism, and worked in book and magazine publishing in Greece before finding his way to the University of Reading for postgraduate studies in typography. He never got round to leaving, and now teaches typographic design with a bias for the online. He is also the MA Typeface Design programme director, and designs when time permits, but mostly helps others tackle Greek typefaces. He is long overdue with his PhD on design processes in Greek and Latin digital typefaces.

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Controlled inconsistency
What designing Greek can teach most typeface designers

Session NA | Room Anahuac room 3
Thursday 29 October | 11:40 – 12:20

Duration: 40 minutes

Until designers learns how to achieve a consistent, homogeneous texture in their typefaces, they will think it is the most difficult aspect of the task. Then, the moment the grey is harmonious, the white and black bits intertwine smoothly, and all the fitting is done, it will become obvious that the tricky bit is just beginning: in the shadows of consistency lie the dangers of blandness and banality. With few exceptions, the Latin script has managed to excise most of the vitality associated with writing to the ephemeral domain of display typefaces. But, as anyone who has attempted to design a Greek typeface can testify, the Greek script exists on a knife edge between typographic uniformity and the excesses of a drunk scribe escaping his creditors. If you want a crash course on re-thinking how you design typeforms, Greek is all you need.

New trends in type research

Session NA | Room Anahuac room 3
Thursday 29 October | 15:00 – 18:00

Duration: 180 minutes

Recent years have seen many universities and schools extend their involvement with research in graphic design and typography, as well as raise the qualifications expected from those entering the teaching profession. This is especially visible in countries where studies in typography may be relatively new (Central and South America, for example) or countries with a strong vocational college basis (very common in the United States, for example). Many institutions are grappling with the thorny relationship with Fine Art research, and the role of practice within a research framework. Several institutions have been offering both research-based MA and PhD degrees, and the trend is growing. This session will offer an overview of current developments and considerations, and provide a platform for researchers in graphic design and typography to make short presentations of their projects.

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