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Francisco  Calles

Editor Tiypo | Mexico

Francisco studied graphic design at the UNAM; with Master Degrees in Visual Arts, Design Management and Design Processes. He has been a speaker, taught courses and published articles in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Bolivia, Guatemala and France on the subject of typography. He is the publisher of Tiypo magazine, director of the National Typography Conference in Mexico and coordinator of the Mexico chapter of the Latin American Typography Biennial. He is a professor at several universities in Mexico; president of the Mexican Association of Graphic Design Schools, Encuadre; and coordinator of the Masters in Typesetter Design of the Centro de Estudios Gestalt. He is member of ATypI and the advisory advice of foroalfa.

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Contemporary Typography in Mexico

Session 49 | Room MIDE
Tuesday 27 October | 12:20 – 13:00

Duration: 40 minutes

For more than 10 years Mexican typographic production has developed gradually. Advances in contemporary letterform design in Mexico are looking good, but to go further it is important to reflect on the past, present and future. What are the precedents, the internal and external influences, the facts and circumstances, the people and the institutions that permitted this initial growth? Is it necessary to design more fonts in Mexico? What has been the real impact of this boom inside and outside the design sphere Nationaly and Internationally? What are the actions, the agreements and the tasks needed to consolidate this professional activity in Mexico?

Typography education and specialisation in Latin America
How type design is taught and learned in the region

Session 21 | Room MIDE
Tuesday 27 October | 17:20 – 18:00

Duration: 40 minutes

After a many centuries’ delay latinamerican type design exists, and has already its place in the the international scenario. What consequences are perceived in the region? Where do the new latinamerican designers learn? How do their schools work? Which are the foreseeable chances for the profession? We shall hear three speakers representing: 1. Type design diploma, Pontificia Universidad Católica (Santiago, Chile) 2. Type design master, Centro de Estudios Gestalt (Veracruz, México) 3. Type design career, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina) • Speakers: Francisco Gálvez (1), Francisco Calles (2), Pablo Cosgaya (3) • Moderator: Jorge de Buen Unna (4)

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