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Crystian Cruz

art director / type consultant Crystian Cruz studio | Brazil

Crystian Cruz is a graphic and type designer from São Paulo, Brazil. Since October 2008 he is taking part in the Master in Typeface Design program in Reading-UK. For the last ten years he worked as art director for a major Brazilian magazines and as type consultant for publishing companies and design studios. During this period he gave more than 40 lectures about typography in Brazil, including the participation as a speaker at DNA Tipográfico (Brazilian national type conference). Specialized in commissioned type design, his typefaces were awarded and published in type design competitions, expositions, magazines and books in Brazil, Argentina and the United States.

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from vernacular lettering aesthetics to a typeface

Session 25 | Room MIDE
Wednesday 28 October | 10:55 – 11:05

Duration: 10 minutes

The Brasilêro Type Project started with the analysis of hundreds of hand-lettered signs from the urban landscape in several cities of Brazil, in order to convey the impact of this popular Brazilian visual culture in a single digital typeface. My goal is to demonstrate the process involving the research and analysis of vernacular handmade signs and the production of the typeface, highlighting the use of OpenType features to better emulate the vernacular aesthetics in a digital font. In conclusion, I selected a few cases of commercial projects with Brasilêro typeface in use, in order to reason about the good and bad use of this vernacular lettering style in design projects.

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