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Annie Opitz Olsen

Type designer SIL International | USA

Annie started noticing letterforms at age 14, and took her first calligraphy class a few years later. Through teaching and free-lance work she continued to learn about the form and structure of Latin letters, and worked once with Hebrew. Although part of SIL International since 1987, it was not until 2003 that Annie discovered that her calligraphic background could serve the world’s non-dominant language communities through type design and font development. Trained by colleague Victor Gaultney, she has made contributions to SIL fonts such as Gentium, Charis SIL, and Tai Heritage; she is currently team lead for the Andika project.

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More than A – Z
In Search of a Global Latin Literacy Font

Session 38 | Room MIDE
Monday 26 October | 16:15 – 16:35

Duration: 20 minutes

If you were teaching people to read, what font would you use? Many different ones have been used for languages with Latin letters, with varying degrees of success. Look-alike letters, missing characters and changing technologies are just a few of today’s challenges. Can a single font family meet the needs of new readers in diverse locations across the globe? Can it serve the goals of literacy educators as well? Can it avoid the pitfalls of some educational alphabets and look reasonably “normal”? New tools and thoughtful design may make this possible.

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