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Alejandro Zenker


Alejando is an editor, translator and photographer. He studied pedagogy in Germany, and translation in the Colegio de Mexico. Actually he is the director of Solar Servicios Editoriales, Ediciones el Ermitaño and El instituto del libro y la lectura. Among many other activities, and titles, he was the founder of the Professional Translators Association, and member of the International Translation Federation. He is an active suporter of using new technologies in the book production and reading technologies. He has published various articles and essays about translation and edition and given lectures around this topics internationally.

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Reading Technologies

Session 65 | Room MIDE
Wednesday 28 October | 11:25 – 11:45

Duration: 20 minutes

In the XII Century, there was a mutation in the reading way, when the lectio-divina – practiced in the monasteries- turned to lectio scholastica –which was organized to serve better to the logic, analytic and academic thought. In a similar way, we nowadays witness the breakdown of a paradigm on reading; the book, today, is no longer a cult object, screen has taken its place. Reading process has changed, analytic reading is being replaced by a hypertextual reading, the text is read as segments of independent information in a new writing space: the screen.

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