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Bryan Mason

President and a founder Small Batch Inc, |

Bryan Mason is the President and a founder of Small Batch Inc, the makers of Typekit. Prior to starting Small Batch Inc, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Adaptive Path, where he's responsible for managing the company's business operations. Over the past ten years, Bryan has managed brilliant people in all kinds of settings, including the Salt Lake City Olympics, The White House, The Lincoln Center Theater, and Blogger.

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How @font-face Changes The Type Industry

Session NA | Room Anahuac room 1
Thursday 29 October | 11:40 – 12:20

Duration: 40 minutes

For every industry, there comes inflection points where technological advancement changes the cornerstone upon which the industry is built. As we watch some industries adapt and thrive (financial services, politics, retail) and others struggle (music, journalism) we have to ask ourselves – is the type design industry at one of these inflection points right now?

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