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Veronica Pina Morales


Veronica Pina Morales. Bachelor Degree in Design of Graphical Communication UAM Azcapotzalco. Academic of the FES Cuautitlan of the UNAM Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in the area of Design of the Graphical Communication. Work of Investigation in the interpretation of the bi-three-dimensional form and its representation through the virtual reality. At the moment development of virtual libraries of the knowledge. Email veronica_pm@hotmail.com

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Typography and virtual reality

Session 69 | Room Anahuac room 1
Friday 30 October | 15:00 – 15:20

Duration: 20 minutes

The visual contact is generated with the joint of different elements, one of them is the typography. The implementation of the virtual reality in the study and the education of the typography, generates a learning effective. With the presence of images, movement, sound, tridimensionality, interactivity and immersion in real time, are tried to extend the concept of learning thanks to the integration of all the senses. When penetrating in the VR, it is obtained the active intervention of the student and the construction of his own virtual spaces, in order to generate libraries of the knowledge.

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