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Frank Wildenberg

Managing Director Linotype GmbH | Germany |

Managing Director Linotype GmbH | Germany After more than a decade of international experience in non-type businesses Frank followed Linotype's call in 2005 to become its Director for Sales and Marketing. Since 2006 he is heading Linotype, the home of the world's leading typeface library with well known typeface families such as Frutiger, Helvetica, Palatino, Univers and many others. In this role Frank managed to further develop the company's business and grow its offering of products and font related services. Palatino Sans, DIN Next, Malabar, Neue Frutiger and many other successful designs have been launched under his direction as well as FontExplorer X Pro, the state-of-the art font management solution. Frank is not a type designer, and therefore somehow exotic in this business, but has developed in the last 4 years a strong appreciation and respect for type design and its creators.

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Creative Freedom in the Web
Chances and Challenges for Foundries and Designers

Session NA | Room Anahuac room 1
Thursday 29 October | 15:00 – 15:40

Duration: 40 minutes

Type foundries have seen significant shifts in the past from manual typesetting to hotmetal to desktop publishing. With each of those shifts technical hurdles had to be overcome as well as business models to be adjusted. The move to web fonts offers the same challenge today. It has the potential to be disruptive, or a window of opportunity that cannot be missed. This talk will take a look at this challenge and examine the type business’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Web fonts discussion panel

Panel session NA | Room Anahuac room 1
Thursday 29 October | 16:40 – 17:20

Duration: 40 minutes

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