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Gerardo Kloss


Gerardo Kloss was born in Mexico City in 1965 and has worked since 1982 as Designer, Publisher, Typographer, Copywriter, Screenwriter, Art Director, Reporter and Teacher. He made a BA in Graphic Communication Design (1987) and a Master of Publishing (1999). He is the author of two books: Entre el diseño y la edición (Between Design and Publishing, 2002, reprinted in Mexico and translated in Brazil) and El papel del editor (The role of Publisher, 1998, now heading to its third Mexican edition), besides some 25 articles published in Mexico and Spain, photos, engravings and short tales. He was President of the Mexican Association of Graphic Design Schools (2001-2003), and Publisher of Encuadre, revista de la enseñanza del diseño. Now he is heading a brand new Masters Programme in Design and Publishing at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco.

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Time for some de-specializing!

Session 13 | Room MIDE
Monday 26 October | 15:00 – 15:40

Duration: 40 minutes

For quite a long time we have been pushed toward hiper-specialization. Hardcore sciences and technologies make us think that we can actually perform better if we disconnect from context and become experts in an ever-shrinking field of activity. But we, members of a diverse little world where Typographers, Designers, Publishers, Authors, Proofreaders, Booksellers, Printers and such variety of species have to live together, cannot afford such an expert ignorance. We all work with one and the same thing: the reading experience of a customer. So, it is time for some de-specializing.

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