Using the EEULAA

Monday 26 October, 15:55 (20 minutes)

Dr Ted Harrison, President, Fontlab Ltd.

The Electronic End User License Agreement Abstract (EEULAA) is a summary of the most important points of a font’s EULA. In OpenType fonts it resides in a special OpenType table where it can be easily accessed by users, applications and operating systems. It’s purpose is to make EULA information obvious and accessible to users, thereby reducing font piracy and increasing legitimate font sales.

This year Fontlab has started to add EEULAA readers and editors to its product line. The new TransType 4 has a EEULAA reader which allows instant access to license information by anyone who uses it. Fontographer 5 has a EEULLAA editor so that those who create fonts can add their EULA information to them. Both features will be demonstrated.