Type and native languages in postcolonial America

Monday 26 October, 17:00 (50 minutes)

Ms Juliet Shen, , Shen Design
Mr Diego Mier y Terán, , Estudio frutas y verduras
PhD Marina Garone Gravier, Researcher, Research Institute of Bibliography-UNAM
Juan Heilborn Diaz, ,
Kollontai Diniz, , Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin

This section is dedicated to the field of typography and native languages of Latin America in postcolonial context. The three panelists will be presenting a brief overview of the rich multilingual reality of their regions (Brasil, Mexico and Paraguay) and bring together key questions they have been faced with through their works on typography research and typeface design: cultural imposition on the transcript of the oral to the written word; lack of typographic and visual criteria in the creation of new writing systems; technological and practical problems in the use of alphabets. As well as showcase how they address these questions.