The feathered mouse

Letterform aesthetics at the crossroads of technology and tradition

Tuesday 27 October, 10:00 (20 minutes)

Mr Gabriel Martinez Meave, Type designer, KTF principal , Kimera Typefoundry

«Hieroglyphs and pixels, technology and tradition, hand and mouse. Crossroads that invite us to restate the recurring questions: Does nationalistic-oriented type design makes sense in this Global Era? Does a “Mexican design” really exist? Is there a “Latin American” aesthetic that can be of use in today’s search for ideas? Reflections and proposals around the revaluation of the Local as a source of inspiration for typefaces and its role in the global scene.» Audiovisual presentation discussing Letterform invention and aesthetics from the viewpoints of nationality, globalism, technology and even Mathematics, challenging our common visions on language/type, orality/writting, beauty/functionality, and tradition/innovation.