José Mendoza y Almeida, the ‘neohumanist’ heart of French typography

Tuesday 27 October, 11:20 (20 minutes)

Mr Sébastien Morlighem, Professor/Researcher/Graphic Designer, École supérieure d’art et de design d’Amiens

Born in 1926, José Mendoza y Almeida is the “godfather” of french type design, still in activity today since his beginning as Roger Excoffon’s assistant at the Fonderie Olive in 1954. This lecture will be focusing on his career, a quite solitary path as he was the only neohumanist type designer for several decades in France, a country where 20th century typography is rather “artistic”. His main typefaces were released by international foundries: Pascal (1960, Lettergieterij “Amsterdam”); Photina (1972, Monotype Corporation); ITC Mendoza Roman (1991, International Typeface Corporation). They will be shown & discussed, as well as less known & unreleased projects, rooted in calligraphy & lettering.