Contemporary Typography in Mexico

Tuesday 27 October, 12:20 (40 minutes)

Mtro. Francisco Calles, Editor, Tiypo
Mr Gabriel Martinez Meave, Type designer, KTF principal , Kimera Typefoundry
Enrique Ollervides, , Hula+Hula
David Kimura, ,

For more than 10 years Mexican typographic production has developed gradually. Advances in contemporary letterform design in Mexico are looking good, but to go further it is important to reflect on the past, present and future. What are the precedents, the internal and external influences, the facts and circumstances, the people and the institutions that permitted this initial growth? Is it necessary to design more fonts in Mexico? What has been the real impact of this boom inside and outside the design sphere Nationaly and Internationally? What are the actions, the agreements and the tasks needed to consolidate this professional activity in Mexico?