Bending Letterforms with Mr. Softie

Thursday 29 October, 15:00 (180 minutes)

Jason E Lewis, ,
Bruno Nadeau, ,

Created by Lewis and Nadeau, Mr. Softie is an application for typographic manipulation that provides typographers, graphic designers, and animators with a tool for manipulating textual objects as image and as text simultaneously. Users of Mr. Softie apply interactive and dynamic behaviors to individual letterforms, words or entire passages of text. Conceived as a typographic/digital text sketching tool, Mr. Softie outputs high-resolution rasterized images (.tiff or .png), vector images (.ai) and vector image sequences. These can stand alone or be further processed in Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, etc., to create engaging print- and screen-based typographic images and animations. In this workshop we will introduce users to Mr. Softie, and assist them in creating two small typographic works, one for print and one for animation. We will focus on how Mr. Softie can be used to quickly experiment with letterforms. Every workshop member will be provided with a copy of Mr. Softie. (Mr. Softie is a free application.) [ ]