Food for type — letters à la carte

Thursday 29 October, 10:00 (180 minutes)

Mr Diego Mier y Terán, , Estudio frutas y verduras
Héctor Galván, ,

Experimental workshop about the relation between letters and food. After a short introductory session about the history of food and design, given by Héctor Galván, participants will work making food and letters simultaneously, looking at both from a phenomenological point of view, as cultural products. Each participant will choose a plate in which to work; the plate will constitute the grounds, the orbis, from which letters will spring. The letters will be made with the ingredients chosen and will have to integrate a coherent discurse in their shapes and in the relation to the plate and the ingredients. How does the plate affect the letter? How do the ingredients determine the shapes? How do food and letters work together? The deep gastronomic traditions of both Mexico and Spain will come together in a feast of letters.