Heart to Heart: A Collaboration Across Cultures

Friday 30 October, 16:00 (20 minutes)

Dyana Weissman, ,
Alison Schroeder, ,

Uniting the conference setting with the world of type: Alison and Dyana grew up near Washington, DC, and went to college at RISD. Since then, their lives have taken different paths. Alison, a painter, lives in vibrant Cuernavaca, Mexico; Dyana, a typeface designer, lives in subdued Boston, USA. Their art reflects their cities and their lives. What happens when these worlds collide again? By trading diaries and sketches, Dyana will translate Alison’s world into lettering. In turn, Alison will render Dyana’s designs into something pictorial, literally illustrating “The Heart of the Letter.” In the end, they’ll have a book and a refreshingly vivid presentation.