Dynamic newspaper design seminar

Friday 30 October, 10:00 (180 minutes)

Ernesto Gutiérrez Cortés, ,
Claudio Rodríguez Álvarez, ,

I.- GENERAL PURPOSE The student will understand the challenges of designing a journal in its parts and its entirety. Also include the importance of their work in the daily conduct of the product and understand the value of the artwork with newsroom and production. II.- SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Learn tools for the design of newspapers, as well as dynamic processes and critical to design and edit the pages of a newspaper. Upon completion of this course, participants will be trained in basic knowledge and application of formal, conceptual and technological particular to newspaper design. III.- ACTIVITIES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE OBJECTIVES To carry out the seminar to be undertaken the following activities: presentation to the group, reading texts, group discussion and development of design projects. IV.- JUSTIFICATION Mexico has always been a country with a great tradition of journalism. Mexican journalism has advanced by leaps and bounds. This gradual progress is largely due to the influence that it has received from us, ie society. We can say that from the Cologne were given outlines of what is visual journalism today. The oldest history of journalism in Mexico is in the leaflets that are beginning to circulate around 1542. Proliferate in the seventeenth century in America especially in Mexico and Lima, are almost always issued in the name of the arrival of a fleet from Europe, as well as the most significant news of the Viceroyalty. He has been a slow but sure progress, and obviously is reflected in the newspapers that circulate not only in the capital, but throughout the country. We must understand that journalism is a social function and as such is bound to grow and has built up step by step, assuming the role as a social necessity and as a way of getting information varies according to individual perspectives and sometimes group. Not everyone reads the same newspaper. There is gender diversity among ourselves, perhaps we could define the personality and mindset of each one according to the newspaper we read, but it would be a very risky and unreliable. In any case, it is best to specify the type of audience to which a publication is directed intention and what goes with it. The power of the newspaper is based in a society that constantly acquires cohesion is reflected in the need to be informed, and above all, be directly participating in all the issues on which we are involved. The prospects for the visual journalism have always been characterized as comprehensive and factual. The newspaper has progressed significantly since two centuries ago and has emerged as a power that assumes its relevance to society. Under over the years, journalism is more compact, its influence generates controversy, as it is in all spheres. The challenges are evident and visual journalism as a social function involves several factors, both external and internal that can not be split off from each other. Avantgarde journalism visual art is the conclusion of several years of tireless practice. Currently, it is estimated that more than 10 million printed copies of newspapers in our country, for this is that designers need to mark, suggest and take the path of the visual art of print publication of more: the newspaper. V.- OPPORTUNITY TO PROVIDE THE WORKSHOP Since the mid-80s has been developed in the Mexican newspaper industry the newspaper design and empirically very successful worldwide, but this activity has not been professionalized in the universities that provide career in graphic design, which has restricted the development of this activity in the industry. It is intended to satisfy this need for professionalism, while the development of methodologies that provide the professional tools necessary to overcome in this discipline, creativity and technical knowledge. VI.- CONTENT Unit 1. Newspapers in Mexico and the world Objective: The participant will learn the beginnings and development of the major Mexican newspapers, in its structure and operation. Unit 2. The typography in the newspaper design Objective: The participant will know and analyze the factors that determine the formal consistency of signs within the language of typography in newspaper design. Unit 3. Creative typography Objective: The participant will develop typographic exercises. Unit 4. Structural approach in the design of newspapers Objective: The participant will learn the process of ranking in the information architecture pregnancia giving importance to the design of the model. Unit 5. Design News Objective: The participant will develop a logical process for selecting recreation, creation and composition of different elements that make a note. Unit 6. Study cases