Typ09: a sponsorship opportunity of global importance

At a time when digital fonts reach into our daily lives, typography is no longer an esoteric craft. It is something that’s done, knowingly or not, by almost everyone who uses a computer. With the proliferation of global communication through the Internet, in many languages and a variety of writing systems, an understanding of type and typography has never been more important.

Typ09 offers the opportunity to sponsor a conference of global importance, hosted in Mexico just as Latin American designers are poised for global success. This is the first time the conference has come to Latin America, and its presence emphasizes and promulgates the rich diversity of cultural wealth in Latin American graphic arts, making the rest of the world aware of the extraordinarily fine history that Latin America has in printing and the arts.

Indeed, at this moment, the development of type design in Mexico and in Latin America is an indicator of the region’s significant cultural and intellectual capital, as well as an example of how future trade will be based on the work of the mind, not the hands.

Expected attendance at the conference is between 500 and 1000 people, typography professionals, educators, and students. The conference is expected to reach beyond those attendees to the global design community, via its web site. In addition, we expect considerable interest in the events and exhibits open to the public in Mexico City at local museums and public buildings.

Including attendees at open exhibits, local publicity, global attention in graphic design publications, etc., interest in the conference and its proceedings is estimated at 10,000–50,000.

Existing sponsors and supporters

Current sponsors of the conference include the Microsoft Corporation, established design and marketing firms like Danilo Black, font resellers such as the Font Bureau, and international type foundries and publishers. Mexican printing and graphic design firms are offering both financial and in-kind support.

Academic supporters of the conference include Anáhuac University.

Media supporters include Televisa, Televisión Azteca, Canal Once, and other media groups.