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ATypI 08 St Petersburg

Sessions timetable by date

Starts at 09:30, 17 September 2008,
at Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, St Petersburg, Russia

Preliminary content, subject to change.

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Wednesday 17 September

09:30 TTW1 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Thomas Phinney
TypeTech Forum Welcome
FLW in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Ted Harrison
TypeTools Forum by FontLab Welcome
W01 in W1 | Workshop
Pascal Naji Zoghbi
Arabic Kufi script Workshop part 1
W05 in W2 | Workshop
A. Kobayashi, N. Chahine
Linotype type design student workshop Closed session, part 1
09:40 TT01 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
S. Daniels, T. Phinney
OpenType 1.6 developments
FL01 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Ted Harrison
Photofonts in print Colorful typography using InDesign and QuarkXPress
11:00 TT02 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Emil Yakupov
TrueType hinting — do we still need it?
FL02 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Adam Twardoch
Family matters Making fonts work as a family using FontLab Studio
12:00 TT03 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Karin von Ompteda
The role of typeface design within the scientific study of legibility
FL03 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Adam Twardoch
Crystal clear Optimizing font screen quality in FontLab Studio
14:00 TT04 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
José Scaglione
From laser printer to offset press A one-way road
FL04 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Adam Twardoch
Setting web typography free Using custom Photofont and OpenType fonts on the web
W02 in W1 | Workshop
Yomar Augusto
Kalligraphos Experimental calligraphy workshop
15:00 TT05 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
T. Phinney, S. Daniels
Tech of Web fonts implementation
FL05 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Yuri Yarmola
Letterfitting in FontLab Studio Glyph metrics and kerning: present and future
16:20 TT06 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Keith Chi-hang Tam
Issues in Chinese text design
FL06 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Adam Twardoch
Scotch Modern backstage OpenType case study of a pan-European text font family