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ATypI 08 St Petersburg

TypeTech/TypeTools Forum information and timetable

Preliminary content, subject to change.

The ATypI TypeTech/TypeTools Forum is a two-day event dedicated to font technology. It is part of the annual ATypI conference and takes places before the main conference programme. The TypeTech/TypeTools Forum consists of two parallel tracks. The first track, the TypeTech Forum, is presented by ATypI. The second track, the TypeTools Forum, is presented by FontLab (first day) and by Dutch Type Library (second day).

The registration to the TypeTech/TypeTools Forum is separate from the main conference registration. It is possible to register just for the TypeTech/TypeTools Forum, just for the main conference or for both parts. Registration to the TypeTech/TypeTools Forum gives you access to both the TypeTech and the TypeTools tracks.

Just like the main conference, the TypeTech/TypeTools Forum will be held at the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, St Petersburg, Russia.

Wednesday 17 September

09:30 TTW1 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Thomas Phinney
TypeTech Forum Welcome
FLW in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Ted Harrison
TypeTools Forum by FontLab Welcome
09:40 TT01 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
S. Daniels, T. Phinney
OpenType 1.6 developments
FL01 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Ted Harrison
Photofonts in print Colorful typography using InDesign and QuarkXPress
11:00 TT02 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Emil Yakupov
TrueType hinting — do we still need it?
FL02 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Adam Twardoch
Family matters Making fonts work as a family using FontLab Studio
12:00 TT03 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Karin von Ompteda
The role of typeface design within the scientific study of legibility
FL03 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Adam Twardoch
Crystal clear Optimizing font screen quality in FontLab Studio
14:00 TT04 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
José Scaglione
From laser printer to offset press A one-way road
FL04 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Adam Twardoch
Setting web typography free Using custom Photofont and OpenType fonts on the web
15:00 TT05 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
T. Phinney, S. Daniels
Tech of Web fonts implementation
FL05 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Yuri Yarmola
Letterfitting in FontLab Studio Glyph metrics and kerning: present and future
16:20 TT06 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Keith Chi-hang Tam
Issues in Chinese text design
FL06 in Palace B | TypeTools by FontLab
Adam Twardoch
Scotch Modern backstage OpenType case study of a pan-European text font family

Thursday 18 September

09:30 TTW2 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Thomas Phinney
TypeTech Forum Welcome
FMW in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Frank E. Blokland
TypeTools Forum by DTL Welcome
09:40 TT07 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Denis Moyogo Jacquerye
African fonts and the open source community
FM01 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
J. Willrodt, F. E. Blokland
Automating font production processes
11:00 TT08 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Thomas Milo
Grammar of proto-typographic Arabic Naskh
FM02 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Frank E. Blokland
Automating type design processes
12:00 TT09 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Titus Nemeth
Tasmeem Typeface design in Arabic
FM03 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Jürgen Willrodt
Editing OpenType fonts OT Master
14:00 TT10 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Tim Ahrens
Font Remix Tools
FM04 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Peter Rosenfeld
Re-inventing font technology
15:00 TT11 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Atilla Korap
Automation in font production
FM05 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Frank E. Blokland
Crossing borders The best of different worlds
16:20 TT12 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Ted Harrison
Using your EULA to protect your fonts
FM06 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
F. E. Blokland, P. Rosenfeld
Reception To celebrate a long lasting co-operation