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ATypI 08 St Petersburg

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Starts at 09:30, 17 September 2008,
at Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, St Petersburg, Russia

Preliminary content, subject to change.

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Susanne Dechant
50 women typographers in 50 years of ATypI

Friday 19 September | 14:00 – 14:50 | Session A04 in Palace A

The ATypI 2008 Brighton conference sharpened my awareness for the gender issue in the typography business: considerably fewer female designers were present, compared to the former days. Fewer and fewer friends have stayed in contact over the years (on the contrast to the men’s network) and I felt quite lost somehow. I remembered all these impressing design women I met in Boston, Reading or Barcelona, and I made a list of them on a paper napkin. With only little effort, I was able to list nearly 30 remarkable women. I hope that this summary can be a vivid mirror of many typeface generations, as I will frame my lecture from the old experienced to the new young participants in female type design. Theme: Personalities | 50 minutes

Heidrun Osterer
From Univers towards Avenir
On the professional career of Adrian Frutiger

Friday 19 September | 15:00 – 15:50 | Session A05 in Palace A

Having just finished writing a comprehensive monography on the professional career of Adrian Frutiger (with Philipp Stamm, to be published in October 2008 by Birkhäuser Verlag and Princeton Press), in my lecture I will give an overview about the origin and development of the typefaces of Adrian Frutiger, his professional work in his time, in the historical context (from the beginning of writing) and the reflection nowadays. Moreover, I will give a detailed analysis of some of his important typefaces like Univers, Frutiger and Avenir. Theme: Personalities | 50 minutes

Akira Kobayashi
PROGRAM UPDATE: Working with two type legends, Hermann Zapf and Adrian Frutiger
How they changed my life and how I changed theirs

Saturday 20 September | 17:20 – 18:10 | Session A14 in Palace A

Linotype type director talks about his work with Hermann Zapf and Adrian Frutiger Theme: Personalities | 50 minutes