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To celebrate a long lasting co-operation

Frank E. Blokland, Peter Rosenfeld

TypeTech FM06 | Palace B
Thursday 18 September | 16:20 – 17:10

Theme TypeTools by DTL | Duration: 50 minutes

The Dutch Type Library and URW have been working together for more than seventeen years in the field of font (tools) production now and we would like to celebrate this long lasting co-operation and friendship — together with all ATypI TypeTech Forum attendees — with some good food and drinks. Also the booklet “Comprehensive Notes on the Design of Cyrillic Letters” by the Finnish type designer Hanna Hakala and typeset in the preliminary version of DTL Valiance will be presented here.

Speaker details

Frank E. Blokland

Owner Dutch Type Library | Netherlands

Frank E. Blokland is type designer (of, amongst others, DTL Documenta and DTL Haarlemmer), Senior Lecturer ‘Letters’ at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague since 1987 and Professor at the Plantin Society in Antwerp since 1995. Frank founded the Dutch Type Library in 1990 and a couple of years later he initiated and supervised the development of DTL FontMaster, a set of professional font tools developed together with URW++. Currently he is doing a PhD study at Leiden University on the harmonics, patterns and dynamics in formal typographic representations of the Latin script.

Peter Rosenfeld

President (URW)++ | Germany

Peter Rosenfeld started, after finishing his business studies in 1980, his first position in the font production department at Dr. Hell in Kiel. It was there where he first got in touch with digital type. Peter joined URW in Hamburg in 1982 and a little later he became the manager of the URW font studio. He worked very closely for and with Dr. Peter Karow, the visionary pioneer of the type industry. Roughly ten years after joining URW, Peter became Managing Director of URW++ Design & Development and the company has established itself in the graphic design industry by continually developing and marketing innovative font and software products.

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