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ATypI 08 St Petersburg

Sessions timetable by date

Starts at 09:30, 17 September 2008,
at Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, St Petersburg, Russia

Preliminary content, subject to change.

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Thursday 18 September

09:30 TTW2 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Thomas Phinney
TypeTech Forum Welcome
FMW in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Frank E. Blokland
TypeTools Forum by DTL Welcome
W03 in W1 | Workshop
John Downer
Lettering Workshop
W05 in W2 | Workshop
A. Kobayashi, N. Chahine
Linotype type design student workshop Closed session, part 2
09:40 TT07 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Denis Moyogo Jacquerye
African fonts and the open source community
FM01 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
J. Willrodt, F. E. Blokland
Automating font production processes
11:00 TT08 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Thomas Milo
Grammar of proto-typographic Arabic Naskh
FM02 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Frank E. Blokland
Automating type design processes
12:00 TT09 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Titus Nemeth
Tasmeem Typeface design in Arabic
FM03 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Jürgen Willrodt
Editing OpenType fonts OT Master
D01 in W2 | Education
A. Kobayashi, N. Chahine
Linotype type design student demonstration Public demonstration
14:00 TT10 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Tim Ahrens
Font Remix Tools
FM04 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Peter Rosenfeld
Re-inventing font technology
W01 in W1 | Workshop
Pascal Naji Zoghbi
Arabic Kufi script Workshop part 2
W04 in W2 | Workshop
Vladimir Yefimov
Latin+Cyrillic, designing multiscript fonts Workshop in Russian
15:00 TT11 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Atilla Korap
Automation in font production
FM05 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
Frank E. Blokland
Crossing borders The best of different worlds
16:20 TT12 in Palace A | TypeTech by ATypI
Ted Harrison
Using your EULA to protect your fonts
FM06 in Palace B | TypeTools by DTL
F. E. Blokland, P. Rosenfeld
Reception To celebrate a long lasting co-operation
17:30 M01 in Palace A | Other
Gerry Leonidas
Country Delegates Meeting
M02 in Palace B | Other
ATypI attendees
Conference Speakers Meeting
18:00 P01 in Palace A | Education
Gerry Leonidas
Researchers in typography and typeface design Poster sessions
19:00 K01 in Palace A | The Old · The New
Oleg Genisaretskiy
In praise of the letter Keynote Presentation