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ATypI 08 St Petersburg

Sessions timetable by date

Starts at 09:30, 17 September 2008,
at Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, St Petersburg, Russia

Preliminary content, subject to change.

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Saturday 20 September

08:00 Early morning refreshments
09:30 A08 in Palace A | History
Gerard Unger
A thousand years ago... Letterforms in inscriptions from the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries
B08 in Palace B | Cyrillic
Dmitry Kirsanov
Modern serif in Russia
10:30 A09 in Palace A | Revivals
Frank E. Blokland
Now, then and perception
B09 in Palace B | Cyrillic
Konstantin Startsev
Typography in the student livre artiste projects Contemporary typography in the book studies. Based on the experience of St. Petersburg State University (Faculty of Philology and Arts)
11:20 Mid-morning break
11:40 A10 in Palace A | World
David Březina
General issues of multi-script typography
B10 in Palace B | Cyrillic
M. Gurbatov, A. Chaykovskaya
Book of letters The parting from the era of wood type
12:30 Lunch
14:00 A11 in Palace A | Screen
Si Daniels
“...mean bastards, even though Matthew did some cool stuff for them...”
B11 in Palace B | Cyrillic
Timothy Donaldson
Resurrection pencil What I learned from the “marks that speak”
15:00 A12 in Palace A | Screen
R. Black, H. W. Lie , T. Phinney , S. Daniels , B. Bos
The war over web fonts Panel discussion
B12 in Palace B | Education
Gerry Leonidas
A few things I’ve learned about typeface design
15:50 Mid-afternoon break
16:20 A13 in Palace A | Screen
Roger Black
PROGRAM UPDATE: Type and the Web What are we going to do?
B13 in Palace B | Arabic
B. Keleşoğlu, İ. Torun
Ottoman calligraphy from a modern perspective
17:20 A14 in Palace A | Personalities
Akira Kobayashi
PROGRAM UPDATE: Working with two type legends, Hermann Zapf and Adrian Frutiger How they changed my life and how I changed theirs
B14 in Palace B | Cyrillic
Anna Shmeleva
Script typefaces and graphology
20:00 in Other | Other
ATypI attendees
ATypI 08: the party