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Revivals revisited

John Downer

Session A02 | Palace A
Friday 19 September | 11:00 – 11:50

Theme Revivals | Duration: 50 minutes

To understand the intrinsic differences between plagiarism (normally regarded as a bad thing) and preservation (normally regarded as a good thing), we should look at various means by which newer typefaces are derived from older ones. There are indeed many approaches. Outlining them can be helpful in considering the practices surrounding revivalism in general: revivals, recuttings, reclamations — anthologies, surveys, remixes — knockoffs, clones, counterfeits — “me too”, copycat — reconsiderations, reevaluations, reinterpretations — homages, tributes, paeans — encores, sequels, reprises — extensions, spinoffs, variations — caricatures, parodies, burlesques.

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John Downer

Sign painter and type designer Voltage Inc | USA

John Downer is a sign painter and type designer who resides in Iowa City. He occasionally writes essays about hand lettering and type history. His debut text typeface was Bitstream Iowan Old Style, published in 1991, with additions in 2001. Some of his other typefaces have been released by Emigre, The Font Bureau, House Industries and Design Lab.

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