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Reforming writing, reforming typography, innovation by decree?
Digital collection of the first books printed in Civil Type

Irina Fomenko

Session B02 | Palace B
Friday 19 September | 11:00 – 11:50

Theme Cyrillic | Duration: 50 minutes

This presentation is an overview of “The First Books Printed in Civil Type”, the digital collection prepared by the Rare Book Department of the Russian State Library in 2008. The collection consists of 32 digital versions of the first Russian books printed in Civil Type, published in Moscow in 1708–1711. This was a period in which the forms of new Russian printing (‘civil’) type started to settle. Peter the Great, the emperor of Russia, personally chose foreign books for translation to Russian, determined the appearance of the editions, their size, form and cover design. The digital renderings of the books contain many details important for understanding the essence of Peter’s typographic reform.

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Irina Fomenko

Chief, Acquisitions and Research Unit Rare Book Department, Russian State Library | Russia

Irina Fomenko graduated from St Petersburg State University. She did her PhD in philology at Pushkinsky Dom (“Pushkin House”, Institute of Russian Literature). There, she worked at the Research Division of the Russian Literature of the 18th Century. Since 1985 she works in Moscow, at the Rare Book Department (Museum of the Book) of the Russian State Library. The area of her studies is the history of the Russian literature and the book of late 18th—early 19th century.

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