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Absolutely no type
The threshold of a new era

Paul Luna

Session A06 | Palace A
Friday 19 September | 16:20 – 17:10

Theme Methods | Duration: 50 minutes

Books produced by early phototypesetting systems publicized the fact that they were produced with ‘absolutely no type’. What letterforms were chosen for these new systems? How did they relate to existing type designs? What opportunities were taken (or missed) in the creation of new founts? How did the new typefaces for new machines affect the designers and typesetters who used them? By looking at the earliest phototypeset books, manufacturers’ and printers’ type specimens, and printers’ archives 1950-1970 we can find out more about the time when the certainties of metal typography began to dissolve into the new world of film.

Speaker details

Paul Luna

Professor University of Reading | United Kingdom

Professor Paul Luna designed the Oxford English Dictionary 2/e, the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 5/e, and is the author of ‘Clearly defined: continuity and innovation in the typography of English dictionaries’, Typography papers (4, 2000, 5–56), ‘Not just a pretty face: the contribution of typography to lexicography’, Proceedings, The Eleventh Euralex International Congress (2004, 847–57), and ‘The typographic design of Johnson’s dictionary’ in Jack Lynch and Ann McDermott, Anniversary essays for Johnson’s Dictionary, Cambridge: CUP (to be published April 2005).

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