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A walk along the fence

Alexandra Korolkova

Session B05 | Palace B
Friday 19 September | 15:00 – 15:50

Theme Cyrillic | Duration: 50 minutes

There are many fences in Russia, of different kinds and purposes. Also, the Cyrillic alphabet contains a lot of stems; it was a feature of Cyrillic since the script appeared, and it is sometimes called “Cyrillic Fence”. Now the local designers suppose it to be one the main problems of Cyrillic. There were some tries to change the lettershapes but they were quite unsuccessful. Maybe there are some ways to make “fence” look better without radical changes of lettershapes? The presentation is rather entertaining than serious one.

Speaker details

Alexandra Korolkova

Type Designer ParaType | Russian Federation

Alexandra Korolkova is one of the young Russian type designers. She graduated from Moscow University of Printing Arts in 2006 and is now teaching type design and typography there as an assistant professor. In 2007, her book for Russian students on typography was published (English title: “Alive Typography”).

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