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Typography in the student livre artiste projects
Contemporary typography in the book studies. Based on the experience of St. Petersburg State University (Faculty of Philology and Arts)

Konstantin Startsev

Session B09 | Palace B
Saturday 20 September | 10:30 – 11:20

Theme Cyrillic | Duration: 50 minutes

In his lecture “Typography in the student livre artiste projects” Konstantin Startsev describes his methods of teaching typography at the Department of Graphic Design of St. Petersburg State University. Both the images projected on screen, and the physical samples of the actual books designed and manufactured by the students illustrate his talk. The works of Konstantin Startsev’s students won many awards at the national and international design competitions.

Speaker details

Konstantin Startsev

| Russia

Senior Instructor, Saint Petersburg State University (Faculty of Philology and Arts). Russia. Born in 1950, Konstantin Startsev graduated from St. Petersburg Vera Mukhina (now Baron Stieglitz) State Academy of Industrial Art (Class of 1977). In 1975–1980 worked at the National Design Research Institute (VNIITE). Since 2000 Startsev teaches graphic design at the Saint Petersburg State University (Faculty of Philology and Arts). Startsev is a member of the Designers Union of Russia. He participated in many professional exhibitions and competition—as a designer and the author of graphic design educational programmes.

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