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Type revivals
Where did they come from? where have they been? Where are they going?

Jerry Kelly

Session A01 | Palace A
Friday 19 September | 09:40 – 10:30

Theme Revivals | Duration: 50 minutes

Typographers often speak of the concept of historical revivals of earlier typefaces, but how well do we understand this important segment of type design? Through an illustrated lecture we will discuss what a type revival is, what different kinds there are, the origins of type revivals and the first examples of the practice and the flourishing of the practice in the first half of the twentieth century.

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Jerry Kelly

Book designer Jerry Kelly LLC | USA

Jerry Kelly is a freelance designer, calligrapher, and printer. Before establishing his own business in 1999 he was a designer and vice-president of The Stinehour Press (1991–1999) and designer for the Press of A. Colish (1981–1991). Since 1978 he has been a partner in the Kelly/Winterton Press, a private press which prints small editions mainly by letterpress from hand set type. He is also a freelance calligrapher, producing hand lettering for assorted publishers and organizations. His work has won numerous awards from the Type Director’s Club, AIGA, Society of Typographic Designers (London), and Premio Felice Feliciano (Verona, Italy). His articles on typography and calligraphy have been widely published in various books and journals. He is a member of The Grolier Club, The Typophiles, the American Printing History Association; an honorary member of the Double Crown Club, a corresponding member of the Bund Deutscher Buchkünstler, and a professional fellow of The Pierpont Morgan Library. He earned his BFA from Queens College; in addition to which he has also studied with Hermann Zapf at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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