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Fonts for every language
New types for cultural treasures

J. Victor Gaultney

Session B15 | Palace B
Sunday 21 September | 10:40 – 11:30

Theme World | Duration: 50 minutes

People around the world speak over 6000 languages, and millions of them have no way to type their language on a computer. There are no adequate fonts for their writing system. Centuries-old languages face possible extinction. But that is changing. A growing number of individuals and groups are coming together to provide solutions. This talk will illustrate the breadth and variety of writing systems around the world, the problems faced in supporting them, and some of the exciting initiatives that are in motion to address this very great need: the Open Font License, Graphite, the OLPC and ScriptSource.

Speaker details

J. Victor Gaultney

Senior Type Designer SIL International | United Kingdom

Victor Gaultney found his way to type through dance, mathematics, music and calligraphy. He has been a type designer at SIL International since 1991, and focuses on developing fonts for minority language groups around the world. He holds an MA from the University of Reading and has been a winner in two international typeface design competitions.

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