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A few things I’ve learned about typeface design

Gerry Leonidas

Session B12 | Palace B
Saturday 20 September | 15:00 – 15:50

Theme Education | Duration: 50 minutes

The St Petersburg conference will nearly coincide with the ninth anniversary of the MA Typeface Design programme at the University of Reading. The programme overlaps with a period of maturity and consolidation in typeface design, and some important steps of an area of practice moving towards becoming a field of study. I will argue that the programme embodies and promotes a fundamentally significant approach to both studying and practicing typeface design, with echoes in the wider typographic world.

Speaker details

Gerry Leonidas

Senior Lecturer in Typography University of Reading | United Kingdom

Gerry Leonidas studied Business Administration and Journalism, and worked in book and magazine publishing in Greece before finding his way to the University of Reading for postgraduate studies in typography. He never got round to leaving, and now teaches typographic design with a bias for the online. He is also the MA Typeface Design programme director, and designs when time permits, but mostly helps others tackle Greek typefaces. He is long overdue with his PhD on design processes in Greek and Latin digital typefaces.

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