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Optical sizes

Tim Ahrens

Session A15 | Palace A
Sunday 21 September | 10:40 – 11:30

Theme Methods | Duration: 50 minutes

In which way exactly should I adjust the letters when designing optical sizes? This talk discusses size-specific adjustments of fonts from a type designer’s point of view. Historical, technical and perceptual background will be given as well as specific and differentiated advice on how to treat the various aspects of a design that can be modified. The material presented is based on MA course work at the University of Reading, which included the analysis of metal and digital fonts, and interviews with some of the most prominent contemporary designers. This research revealed some contrasting views and approaches, and unexpected solutions.

Download StPetersburg_Ahrens_OpticalSizes_paper.pdf

Speaker details

Tim Ahrens

Just Another Foundry | United Kingdom

Type designer and architect Tim Ahrens runs the London-based studio Just Another Foundry. He is the creator of the Font Remix Tools and does research and writing about type related matters

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