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Script typefaces and graphology

Anna Shmeleva

Session B14 | Palace B
Saturday 20 September | 17:20 – 18:10

Theme Cyrillic | Duration: 50 minutes

As far as a script typeface is a derivative from human handwriting, it can be graphologicaly analysed. Graphologycally speaking, any script face designer constructs an imaginary personality that is not realised by the readers but it’s influence on them can be noticable. Typefaces can be sanguine or phlegmatic or choleric or melancholy. Of course we should never forget that the method is most applicable for real handwriting, not for type designs – but using it for typefaces provides a lot of new information. And even more: armed with graphology, can we turn from analysys to synthesis?

Speaker details

Anna Shmeleva

Type Writer ParaType | Russian Federation

Anna Shmeleva is a freelance journalistic author. Worked with a number of local and professional periodicals in Russia. Her articles were on machine translation of texts, speech recognition, artifical intelligence, computer graphics and type design. Together with Vladimir Yefimov, she is the author of a series of books “Great typefaces”, volumes 1 and 2. Recently had published her first book of poetry. Her main occupations now are housekeeping, rat breeding and kinological sports.

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