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Experimental calligraphy workshop

Yomar Augusto

Workshop W02 | W1
Wednesday 17 September | 14:00 – 17:30

Theme Workshop | Duration: 210 minutes

Calligraphy is the basis for the typography work. As an art form it has almost been forgotten in today’s graphic digital environment. Designers don’t handwrite anymore, bitmaps have become more important than ink and computers are now the main tool in the creative process. Kalligraphos is an experimental calligraphy workshop whose main objectives are: Taking the students away from the computer screen to explore the art of drawing letters by hand as a way to improve their technical backgrounds, help them focus their creative energy on the handmade process and stimulate a personal graphic research. The program explores calligraphy and other medias such as illustration, collage, painting, photography, graphic journals (sketchbooks and altered books), all of these combined to present for each student a rich ground for intuitive exploration. During the workshop, participants will practice using writing tools. The workshop is open to all participants of the main conference. The maximum number of workshop participants is 20. You must register to the workshop during your main conference registration. Participants are requested to bring 15 USD in cash to the workshop to pay the “supplies fee” for the pencils, pens, ink and paper.

Speaker details

Yomar Augusto

| Brazil

Yomar Augusto holds a BA in graphic design (Univercidade in Rio de Janeiro, 2000) and MA in type design (Type & Media at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, 2005). Has been involved in two Rojo ArtStorm projects. Rojo magazine invited 18 artists from all over the world to work as a team to build and develop a new campaign for a fashion brand. As a huge brainstorm process, they worked together for one week in locations such as Berlin and Barcelona. Published about contemporary graphic design, featuring showcases of 100 of the world’s most progressive designers, published by Taschen. Recently, the art show Letter Forest, featuring experiments in calligraphy, painting, drawing and printmaking was held at Nanzuka gallery in Tokyo. Currently lives and works in the Netherlands.

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