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Latin+Cyrillic, designing multiscript fonts
Workshop in Russian

Vladimir Yefimov

Workshop W04 | W2
Thursday 18 September | 14:00 – 17:30

Theme Workshop | Duration: 210 minutes

Multiscript type design: Typefaces including both Latin and Cyrillic characters in Russia and abroad. Old and new approaches to multiscript type design. OpenType fonts may contain huge quantity of glyphs from different script systems, for example Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. However there are some difficulties in designing multiscript fonts because its author used to draw letters of his native script and sometimes the features of alien characters are not so well familiar to him. Experience of multiscript type designing in Russia in the past and the present allows to hope such difficulties are surmountable in process of acquaintance to features of each script system. This workshop will be conducted in Russian language only and is aimed primarily at Russian designers. The workshop will start with Vladimir Yefimov’s lecture and conclude in a discussion. The maximum number of participants is 50. The workshop is free to all participants who have registered to the main conference, but a separate registration to the workshop will be required (it will be announced at a later time).

Speaker details

Vladimir Yefimov

Art Director ParaType | Russia

Vladimir Yefimov is a type designer with more then twenty years of experience. He has designed many Cyrillic typefaces, and several Indian, Greek and Hebrew typefaces. He writes on typography and type design. Vladimir Yefimov lectures on type design at the Higher Academical School of Graphic Design, Moscow (since 1997) and at the British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow (since 2003). He is the art director and a co-founder of ParaType, a member of the Moscow Artists Union and the Academy of Graphic Design, and a member of the ATypI.

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