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Arabic Kufi script
Workshop part 2

Pascal Naji Zoghbi

Workshop W01 | W1
Thursday 18 September | 14:00 – 17:30

Theme Workshop | Duration: 210 minutes

A workshop for non-Arabic speakers about Arabic Kufi script. See for previous workshop information. This workshop takes place in two parts: on Wednesday 9:30—13:00 and on Thursday 14:00—17:30. In the first part, Pascal will give a lecture on Arabic Kufi script, and participants will start practicing the Kufi script and creating units. In the second part, participants will create their own words and patterns using the square Kufi script. The workshop is open to all participants of the main conference. The maximum number of workshop participants is 20. You must register to the workshop during your main conference registration. Participants are requested to bring 15 USD in cash to the workshop to pay the “supplies fee” for the pencils, pens, ink and paper.

Speaker details

Pascal Naji Zoghbi

Arabic type designer & typographer 29letters | Lebanon

Pascal Zoghbi graduated in July 2006 with a Master of Design from the Type & Media course at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague, The Netherlands. Prior to his postgraduate studies, he worked in Beirut for several years as a graphic designer in print and web design. He is an independent Arabic type and graphic designer since August 2006 and is currently a part-time instructor teaching type and typography courses at LAU (Lebanese American University) and NDU (Notre Dame University). Currently, he is working on Arabic corporate fonts and bi-script (Arabic/Latin) fonts. He gives lectures and workshops about Arabic type regularly.

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