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TrueType hinting
— do we still need it?

Emil Yakupov

TypeTech TT02 | Palace A
Wednesday 17 September | 11:00 – 11:50

Theme TypeTech by ATypI | Duration: 50 minutes

ClearType text rendering with subpixel positioning in horizontal direction noticeably increases the quality of text on screen and eliminates importance of hinting. But there are still some defects in letter appearance that looks even worse when they are just few. Presentation will show and compare samples of texts set with unhinted fonts, autohinted fonts and manually hinted fonts. Typical defects will be analyzed. Time consumption of hinting for black and white rendering, grayscale rendering and ClearType rendering will be estimated and compared.

Speaker details

Emil Yakupov

Director ParaType | Russia

Emil Yakupov was born and lives in Russia. His interests and activities of the last 20 years belong to digital typography and computer fonts. Since early 1990s he has worked for ParaType (then ParaGraph) as a product manager and later as a director. ParaType is a multilingual type foundry, the biggest and renowned supplier of Cyrillic fonts. Accepting Russian and Soviet type heritage, ParaType not only converted and redesigned the library to digital format, but notably expanded type collection with new original fonts and Cyrillic adaptations of the best Latin types. ParaType applies multilingual approach to font developments — standard character set of ParaType fonts covers main European languages including EU newcomers. ParaType also pays special attention to technical quality of fonts and principally to TrueType hinting.

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