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Editing OpenType fonts
OT Master

Jürgen Willrodt

TypeTech FM03 | Palace B
Thursday 18 September | 12:00 – 12:50

Theme TypeTools by DTL | Duration: 50 minutes

OT Master is a powerful new generation tool for the direct extensive editing of OpenType CFF and TTF fonts, which is available for Mac OS X and Windows. The many functions include the adding and editing of glyphs, the revision of (name) tables, consistency checking and the handling of OpenType Layout features. The following subjects (amongst others) will be explained in detail: Name tables: checking and modifying. Line spacing: checking and modifying. Glyphs: editing and adding. OpenType Layout features: importing a features file. Arabic fonts: creating Arabic fonts including mark positioning.

Speaker details

Jürgen Willrodt

Managing Director URW++ | Germany

Dr. Jürgen Willrodt studied Physics and Mathematics and got a PhD in theoretical particle physics in 1976. Jürgen joined URW in 1983 as a software developer. His first major development project was the porting of Ikarus from DEC to Sun Unix. He has been the main developer of the Ikarus font production sytem since 1985, developing interpolation, auto-tracing and hinting algorithms as well as special algorithms for Kanji separation. Since 1995 Jürgen is managing director at URW++ Design & Development and responsible for font production and font tools development (Ikarus, DTL FontMaster, DTL OTMaster).

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