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Tim Ahrens | Yomar Augusto | Ken Barber | John D. Berry | Roger Black | Frank E. Blokland | Bert Bos | David Březina | Nadine Chahine | Anna Chaykovskaya | Petr Chobyt'ko | Si Daniels | Susanne Dechant | Alexey Dombrovskiy | Timothy Donaldson | John Downer | Olga Florenskaya | Irina Fomenko | J. Victor Gaultney | Oleg Genisaretskiy | Yuri Gherchuk | Maxim Gurbatov | Ted Harrison | Denis Moyogo Jacquerye | Bengisu Keleşoğlu | Jerry Kelly | Dmitry Kirsanov | Akira Kobayashi | Atilla Korap | Alexandra Korolkova | Tal Leming | Gerry Leonidas | Håkon Wium Lie | Oliver Linke | Paul Luna | George D. Matthiopoulos | Thomas Milo | Titus Nemeth | Heidrun Osterer | Thomas Phinney | Peter Rosenfeld | Tagir Safayev | José Scaglione | Nick Shinn | Anna Shmeleva | Eben Sorkin | Konstantin Startsev | Keith Chi-hang Tam | İpek Torun | Adam Twardoch |  Typophile | Gerard Unger | Karin von Ompteda | Jürgen Willrodt | Emil Yakupov | Yuri Yarmola | Vladimir Yefimov | Pascal Naji Zoghbi |

Tim Ahrens

Just Another Foundry | United Kingdom

Type designer and architect Tim Ahrens runs the London-based studio Just Another Foundry. He is the creator of the Font Remix Tools and does research and writing about type related matters ... [More]

Yomar Augusto

| Brazil

Yomar Augusto holds a BA in graphic design (Univercidade in Rio de Janeiro, 2000) and MA in type design (Type & Media at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, 2005). Has been involved in two Rojo ArtStorm projects. Rojo magazine invited 18 artists from all over the world to work as a team to build and develop a new campaign for a fashion brand. As a huge brainstorm process, they worked together for one week in locations such as Berlin and Barcelona. Published about contemporary graphic design, featuring showcases of 100 of the world’s most progressive designers, published by Taschen. Recently, the art show Letter Forest, featuring experiments in calligraphy, painting, drawing and printmaking was held at Nanzuka gallery in Tokyo. Currently lives and works in the Netherlands.... [More]

Ken Barber

House Industries | USA

Ken Barber is a type designer and letterer at House Industries and is particularly interested in the inter-disciplinary relationship between hand-lettering and type design. His work has been featured as part of the National Design Triennial at the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum and has also been honored by the New York Type Directors Club.... [More]

John D. Berry

Program Manager Microsoft Typography | USA

John D. Berry is an editor and typographer who works both sides of the design/content divide. He is the former editor and publisher of U&lc (Upper and lower case) and of U&lc Online. He is the author and designer of Dot-font: Talking About Fonts and Dot-font: Talking About Design (Mark Batty Publisher, 2006), and the editor of Language Culture Type (ATypI/Graphis, 2002), Contemporary Newspaper Design, and U&lc: influencing design & typography. John has a deep and eclectic background in both editing and typography; he has made a career for more than twenty-five years in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco as an editor and book designer. He writes and consults extensively on typography, and he has won numerous awards for his book designs. He is currently a program manager with Microsoft Typography. He lives in Seattle with the writer Eileen Gunn. ... [More]

Roger Black

Principal The Font Bureau, Inc. | USA

Roger Black recently led redesigns of the Houston Chronicle, Popular Mechanics and the Los Angeles Times. He's a partner in The Font Bureau, Inc., which he started with David Berlow in 1989. And he runs the New York office of the publication consulting firm, Danilo Black, which he started the same year with Eduardo Danilo. Previously Black was chief art director of Newsweek, The New York Times, New York Magazine and Rolling Stone.... [More]

Frank E. Blokland

Owner Dutch Type Library | Netherlands

Frank E. Blokland is type designer (of, amongst others, DTL Documenta and DTL Haarlemmer), Senior Lecturer ‘Letters’ at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague since 1987 and Professor at the Plantin Society in Antwerp since 1995. Frank founded the Dutch Type Library in 1990 and a couple of years later he initiated and supervised the development of DTL FontMaster, a set of professional font tools developed together with URW++. Currently he is doing a PhD study at Leiden University on the harmonics, patterns and dynamics in formal typographic representations of the Latin script.... [More]

Bert Bos

Style Activity Lead W3C | France

Bert Bos was researching graphical user interfaces at the University of Groningen when he became co-inventor (with Håkon Wium Lie) of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in 1994. He joined W3C in 1995 to develop CSS and to lead W3C's Internationalization activity. He has since participated in the standardization of HTML, XML and most recently MathML. He is currently charged by W3C to investigate font embedding technology for Web documents (HTML, SVG, XML, XSL...) and the possibility of standardizing one or more solutions. He has been interested in fonts ever since he published his PhD with a font he made himself.... [More]

David Březina

| Czech Republic

David Březina, born in Brno, Czech Republic, graduated in Informatics at the Masaryk University in Brno in 2005, spent a term at the Denmarks Designskole in Copenhagen in 2004 and graduated with distinction from the MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading (UK) in 2007. From 2004 to 2007 he also ran his own design studio DAVI, with projects in graphic, web and interface design. Back in Brno, he is currently working with Tiro Typeworks (Canada) as an associate designer, and occasionally publishes in Typo magazine. ... [More]

Nadine Chahine

Branding and CI Manager / Arabic Specialist Linotype GmbH | Germany |

Nadine Chahine is an award winning Lebanese type designer with a special interest in Arabic typography. She studied Graphic Design at the American University of Beirut and Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK. During her study at Reading, she focused on the relationship of the Arabic and Latin scripts and the possibilities of creating a harmonious relationship between the two. She taught Arabic type design as a visiting lecturer at the American University in Dubai and then joined Linotype, Germany, where she is now in charge of Branding & CI and Arabic-related projects. As of September 2007 she is also a PhD candidate and her topic is legibility studies for the Arabic script.... [More]

Anna Chaykovskaya

Assistant to Editor in Chief Kultpohod magazine | Russia

Anna Chaykovskaya was born in Severodvinsk in 1961. An art-critique, journalism, teacher. Since 2001 Anna Chaykovskaya is an assistant editor-in-chief of the “Kuitpohod” magazine in Moscow.... [More]

Petr Chobyt'ko

Lecturer Repin State Academic Institute | Russia

Petr Chobyt’ko was born in 1946, in Kyiv. He graduated from the Tallinn State Art Institute (Class of 1971), and was admitted to the Artists Union of the USSR in 1974. From 1971 to 1987 he taught graphic design, lettering and composition at the Kyiv State Art Institute (now National Academy of Art and Architecture). Since 2000 Chobyt’ko lives in St. Petersburg; he teaches lettering at the St. Petersburg Baron Stieglitz State Academy of Industrial Art. Since 2005 he teaches a private course in calligraphy. Since 2007 he also teaches, part-time, at the Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Achitecture. Petr Chobyt’ko, a frequent participant in many regional and international art exhibitions, has won many prizes and awards. In 2008 he was elected President of the National Union of Calligraphers of Russia. ... [More]

Si Daniels

Lead Program Manager for Fonts Microsoft | USA

Si Daniels is a program manager in Microsoft’s typography group. He is a graduate of the typography and graphic communication program at The University of Reading in Berkshire, England. Si has responsibility over most of Microsoft’s western and middle-eastern typefaces, the Microsoft typography Web site (, and works with Microsoft’s diverse software, hardware and marketing groups on font related issues. He is a member of the ATypI Board. Si is one of the “bastards” referenced in his talk’s title. He has been working on web fonts, font embedding, font packaging and font redistribution issues for over twelve years. In the past two years, he has moderated or delivered talks on Web fonts at TypeCon, ATypI, and the first Business of Type conference.... [More]

Susanne Dechant

Dechant Grafische Arbeiten | Austria

Susanne Dechant (*4. 5. 1962) typographic designer based in Vienna. 1992 foundation of her studio »Dechant Grafische Arbeiten« concentrating on typography for book and editorial design. Consultant Corporate Design processes. Head of the department Graphic Design at the Werbeakademie Wien and lecturer at Universität für bildende Künste, Vienna. I.D. Award in New York, Joseph Binder Award in Vienna. Academic Referee for Feminist Education and Politics, 2002 Diploma Gender Studies. Board Member of Design Austria; Austrian Country Delegate for ATypI. ... [More]

Alexey Dombrovskiy

Chief of design group Printing-house â Vlastaâ | Russian Federation

Alexey Dombrovskiy was born in 1964 in Russia (Uzlovaya, Tula region). He graduated from the Tula Polytechnical Institute in 1986. He works in book design. Member of the Union of Designers. He cooperates with various publishing houses and designs books for the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Entomological Society, the Moscow State University, the Tula State University, and printed matter for the Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow Kremlin Museums, the State Hermitage Museum. Author of some articles on the history of initals.... [More]

Timothy Donaldson

Type Designer | United Kingdom

Timothy Donaldson is a letterworker. He was formed in the NorthWest of England, an only child of Yorkshire parents. He developed an obsessive interest in drawing during his first decade which matured into another obsession with writing (still drawing) during his second one. During his third decade he was a journeyman signwriter, earning his crust in pursuit of the just forming of letters. By his fourth decade he had become a lettering artist and type designer and a lecturer at Stafford School of Art + Design; a legendary destination for the teaching and learning of Typography in England. In his fifth decade, he focussed fully on his work with lettershapes and letterforms as a Research Fellow at the University of Lincoln, UK. He has now started his sixth decade and teaches at University College Falmouth, the last university in England. He has designed about 60 typefaces for Adobe, FontShop International, The International Typeface Corporation and Letraset. He is well known for his ongoing experiments with tools and chirographic mark-making, particularly in large scale performances. He recently wrote a book about the history of the alphabet entitled 'Shapes for sounds' (cowhouse). Now he's writing another one, but he's not going to talk about that just yet. ... [More]

John Downer

Sign painter and type designer Voltage Inc | USA

John Downer is a sign painter and type designer who resides in Iowa City. He occasionally writes essays about hand lettering and type history. His debut text typeface was Bitstream Iowan Old Style, published in 1991, with additions in 2001. Some of his other typefaces have been released by Emigre, The Font Bureau, House Industries and Design Lab.... [More]

Olga Florenskaya

Artist | Russia

Olga Florenskaya was born in Leningrad in 1960. She graduated from the faculty of ceramics at Leningrad Higher Art Industrial School named after Muhina (the former School by baron Stieglitz). She is involved in different kinds of arts: painting, ceramics, sculpture, book illustration and graphics (she is famous for lots of collages from paper and fabrics) literature activity, journalism and animation. In 1994 she made an animation film «A story about the best of wonders». Her works are kept in the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the State Russian Museum, many other museums of Russia, as well as in collections of museums in Helsinki, London and Warsaw. She lives and works in St Petersburg. ... [More]

Irina Fomenko

Chief, Acquisitions and Research Unit Rare Book Department, Russian State Library | Russia

Irina Fomenko graduated from St Petersburg State University. She did her PhD in philology at Pushkinsky Dom (“Pushkin House”, Institute of Russian Literature). There, she worked at the Research Division of the Russian Literature of the 18th Century. Since 1985 she works in Moscow, at the Rare Book Department (Museum of the Book) of the Russian State Library. The area of her studies is the history of the Russian literature and the book of late 18th—early 19th century.... [More]

J. Victor Gaultney

Senior Type Designer SIL International | United Kingdom

Victor Gaultney found his way to type through dance, mathematics, music and calligraphy. He has been a type designer at SIL International since 1991, and focuses on developing fonts for minority language groups around the world. He holds an MA from the University of Reading and has been a winner in two international typeface design competitions.... [More]

Oleg Genisaretskiy

| Russia

Oleg Genisaretskiy’s main area of interest is the humanitarian strategies and practices; the methodology of visual design, and contemporary design culture; humanitarian psychotherapy and traditional psycho-practices; the Russian spiritual and creational tradition. At different times Genisaretsky served as the head of the Creative Club of the Section of Painting of the Moscow Union of Graphic Artists; the co-chairman of the Religious-Cultural Dialogue “Face-to-Face”; the president of the Russian Association of Visual Anthropology; the president of the Open Museum Association. He authored the monographs Dizayn i kultura [“Design and culture”], Moscow: vniite, 1974; Uprazhneniya suti dela [“Exercises in the matter of fact”], Moscow: Russkii Mir, 1993; Povody i nameki [“Pretexts and hints”], Moscow: Put’, 1993; O vozmozhnosti filosofii [“Of the possibility of philosophy”], in co-operation with David Zilberman, Moscow: Put’, 2005; Navigator: Methodologicheskie prodolzheniya i rashireniya [“The Navigator: Methodological continuations and extensions”], Moscow: Put’, 2005. Main essays and full bibliography can be found at [More]

Yuri Gherchuk

Art historian and critic | Russia

Yuri Gherchuk, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, is an art historian and critic specialising in typography, book design, and illustration. He is the author of several books and many articles on graphics and book design, type and environmental typographics. He lectures on the history of graphics and book design. Yuri Gherchuk is a member of the Art Critics and Art Historians Association, and of the Moscow Artists Union. ... [More]

Maxim Gurbatov

| Russia

A designer and teacher, Maxim Gurbatov was born in Severodvinsk in 1962. Since 2001, he is the art director of the printing-house “LiniaGrafic!” in Moscow. ... [More]

Ted Harrison

President Fontlab Ltd. | Canada

Dr. Harrison is the president and co-founder of Fontlab Ltd. He has been a member of ATypI for fourteen years and is a member of the board of directors. ... [More]

Denis Moyogo Jacquerye

Co-lead DejaVu fonts project | Belgium

Denis Moyogo Jacquerye, the co-lead of the DejaVu fonts project, the default GUI fonts on several Linux OS distributions, is working on extending various Open Source fonts to support African orthographies in Latin script. He is collaborating with a network of experts in African languages localization as part of the Pan Africa localization Network. Denis, with a Bs.C in Computer Science and a minor in Linguistics from McGill University, has experience in the Language Technology industry, Open Source software, Font Engineering and Unicode software support for African language.... [More]

Bengisu Keleşoğlu

| Turkey

Bengisu Keleşoğlu graduated from the graphic design department at Bilkent University in Ankara in 1997. She now is studying on her MFA thesis with the subject of “Sound of Typography: Typography of Sound in Graphic Design” at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey, and working as lecturer in the graphic design department of the Anadolu University. ... [More]

Jerry Kelly

Book designer Jerry Kelly LLC | USA

Jerry Kelly is a freelance designer, calligrapher, and printer. Before establishing his own business in 1999 he was a designer and vice-president of The Stinehour Press (1991–1999) and designer for the Press of A. Colish (1981–1991). Since 1978 he has been a partner in the Kelly/Winterton Press, a private press which prints small editions mainly by letterpress from hand set type. He is also a freelance calligrapher, producing hand lettering for assorted publishers and organizations. His work has won numerous awards from the Type Director’s Club, AIGA, Society of Typographic Designers (London), and Premio Felice Feliciano (Verona, Italy). His articles on typography and calligraphy have been widely published in various books and journals. He is a member of The Grolier Club, The Typophiles, the American Printing History Association; an honorary member of the Double Crown Club, a corresponding member of the Bund Deutscher Buchkünstler, and a professional fellow of The Pierpont Morgan Library. He earned his BFA from Queens College; in addition to which he has also studied with Hermann Zapf at Rochester Institute of Technology.... [More]

Dmitry Kirsanov

ParaType | Russia

Born in Orenburg in 1965, graduated from the Orenburg Art School in 1987, worked as free-lance designer for Yuzhnyi Ural publishing company in Orenburg. In 1996 graduated from Moscow State University of Printing (formerly known as Moscow Printing Institute). Since 1997 Kirsanov works at Moscow State University of Printing at the Department of Print Design as an instructor in typographic design and computer graphics. He is an instructor in typographic design and computer graphics at Moscow Graphic Art University named after Stroganov. Since 1996 he designs typefaces for ParaType. Kirsanov is the author of several articles on type and typography.... [More]

Akira Kobayashi

Type Director Linotype GmbH | Japan / Germany

Studied at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, and later followed this up with a calligraphy course at the London College of Printing. Since May 2001 Type Director at Linotype Library GmbH. Kobayashi has recently completed the Neue Frutige type family with close collaboration with the original designer Adrian Frutiger. Awards: Best of Category and Best of Show for the Clifford typeface in the 1998 U&lc magazine type design competition. 1st prize, text category for the Conrad typeface in Linotype Library's 3rd International Digital Type Design Contest. In the Type Directors Club's type design competitions of 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2007--for ITC Woodland, ITC Japanese Garden and ITC Silvermoon, FF Clifford, Linotype Conrad, and Palatino Sans respectively. ... [More]

Atilla Korap

Manager Font Development Linotype GmbH | Germany

Atilla Korap was born in Manisa (Turkey) in 1974. He grew up in Marburg (Germany) before moving to Frankfurt in 1994. He studied political science and computer science at the “Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Universität” and later at the “Fernuniversität Hagen.” He joined Linotype as an intern in 2000 before becoming the full time “Font Technology Specialist” in 2002. His responsibilities include defining font production processes, developing software for automation, advising customers on workflows regarding the use of fonts, and briefing developers on new font technologies.... [More]

Alexandra Korolkova

Type Designer ParaType | Russian Federation

Alexandra Korolkova is one of the young Russian type designers. She graduated from Moscow University of Printing Arts in 2006 and is now teaching type design and typography there as an assistant professor. In 2007, her book for Russian students on typography was published (English title: “Alive Typography”).... [More]

Tal Leming

Type Designer Type Supply | USA

Tal Leming is a 1997 graduate of the Louisiana State University Graphic Design program. After graduation he did stints as a designer at two agencies in Louisiana. He left the deep south in 2001 for the mean streets of Wilmington, Delaware where he worked at the legendary type foundry House Industries. In 2005 he started his own company which specializes in graphic design, typeface design, lettering and type technology services. ... [More]

Gerry Leonidas

Senior Lecturer in Typography University of Reading | United Kingdom

Gerry Leonidas studied Business Administration and Journalism, and worked in book and magazine publishing in Greece before finding his way to the University of Reading for postgraduate studies in typography. He never got round to leaving, and now teaches typographic design with a bias for the online. He is also the MA Typeface Design programme director, and designs when time permits, but mostly helps others tackle Greek typefaces. He is long overdue with his PhD on design processes in Greek and Latin digital typefaces.... [More]

Håkon Wium Lie

CTO Opera Software | Norway

Håkon Wium Lie is the co-inventor of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for the Web, and the Chief Technology Officer for Opera, the Web browser. Two years ago he proposed using CSS to directly reference a font file on a Web server, and he has enthusiastically promoted the idea since then.... [More]

Oliver Linke

Type Designer Lazydogs Typefoundry | Germany

Oliver Linke (*1971) studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany and the University of Missouri, Kansas City (1993–98). He continued his studies in art history, art education and philosophy (2000-05) at the University of Augsburg. Today his work focuses on book- and type design. He teaches Typography and Type Design at the Designschule München and the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach.... [More]

Paul Luna

Professor University of Reading | United Kingdom

Professor Paul Luna designed the Oxford English Dictionary 2/e, the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 5/e, and is the author of ‘Clearly defined: continuity and innovation in the typography of English dictionaries’, Typography papers (4, 2000, 5–56), ‘Not just a pretty face: the contribution of typography to lexicography’, Proceedings, The Eleventh Euralex International Congress (2004, 847–57), and ‘The typographic design of Johnson’s dictionary’ in Jack Lynch and Ann McDermott, Anniversary essays for Johnson’s Dictionary, Cambridge: CUP (to be published April 2005). ... [More]

George D. Matthiopoulos

Type Designer Greek Font Society | Greece

George D. Matthiopoulos teaches Type design and Typography at the School of Graphic Arts of the Technical Institute of Athens. He also works as type designer for the Greek Font Society, and as freelance typographer specialising in book design, corporate identity, and typographic communication for museum exhibitions. He has written the text book of the course Type History and Design for the Greek Open University (2002), he has translated Victor Scholderer’s, Greek Printing Types: 1465-1927 (Typophilia, 1995) and Robert Bringhurst’s, The Elements of Typographic Style (Crete University Press, 2001).... [More]

Thomas Milo

President DecoType | The Netherlands

Tom Milo is the founder of DecoType, who were the first in the industry to introduce the concept of intelligent fonts (Ruq’ah 1986) and to develop Arabic script solutions based on thorough research into the Islamic calligraphic tradition. Decotype contributes fonts and Arabic Calligraphy applications to Microsoft Office Arabic Edition and to Adobe PageMaker Middle East, and provides a special interface for Calligraphic typesetting; they provide Arabic fonts for MacOS 9 and MacOSX and WinSoft-Adobe InDesign ME. DecoType works closely together in research and development with Tradigital (UK, Germany, Egypt).... [More]

Titus Nemeth

Typographer tntypography | France

Titus Nemeth is a typographer, a student, and a teacher. As a frequent traveller, his outlook is worldwide, privately as well as professionally with clients such as the BBC World Service, Fontsmith UK, the Brill publishing house in the Netherlands and WinSoft in France. He works independently as designer and consultant and teaches at the ESAD Amiens and the ESAV Marrakesh. Since 2010 Titus researches aspects of the history of Arabic typography as a PhD candidate at the University of Reading, UK. Titus studied Graphic Design at die Graphische in Vienna, Austria, and holds an MA with Distinction in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. He studied Arabic in Syria, taught typography as an Assistant Professor at the VCUQ in Doha and pursued research at the post-diplôme of the ESAD. Titus Nemeth is a member of ATypI, the TDC New York and Design Austria.... [More]

Heidrun Osterer

Designer Feinherb, Visuelle Gestaltung | Switzerland

Heidrun Osterer, born 1966, Graphic Designer and CEO of feinherb Visuelle Gestaltung, Co-founder of the Swiss Foundation Type and Typography, there responsable for Archives, Part-time lecturer for typography on the screen at the Vocational School of Design in Zurich, Consultant to the Swiss Typographic Magazine STM. Since 2001 research on the professional career of Adrian Frutiger.... [More]

Thomas Phinney


Thomas Phinney is senior product manager for font solutions at Extensis. From 1997-2008 he worked in type at Adobe, lastly as product manager for fonts and global typography. Thomas is involved in the design, technical, forensic, business and historical aspects of type, treasurer of ATypI, and writes for Communication Arts and as well as He has testified in court as an expert witness, and was twice quoted in the Washington Post regarding the presumably forged National Guard memos concerning US President Bush. Thomas has an MS in printing from RIT, and an MBA from UC Berkeley. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original... [More]

Peter Rosenfeld

President (URW)++ | Germany

Peter Rosenfeld started, after finishing his business studies in 1980, his first position in the font production department at Dr. Hell in Kiel. It was there where he first got in touch with digital type. Peter joined URW in Hamburg in 1982 and a little later he became the manager of the URW font studio. He worked very closely for and with Dr. Peter Karow, the visionary pioneer of the type industry. Roughly ten years after joining URW, Peter became Managing Director of URW++ Design & Development and the company has established itself in the graphic design industry by continually developing and marketing innovative font and software products.... [More]

Tagir Safayev

Type designer VASHGD | Russia

Tagir Safaev is a type designer and teacher. Works at book design and advertisement. In 1991–2003 worked as a type developer for ParaType. Prize winner at the following international type contests: TDC2 2000 (New York, 2000), the 19th International Biennale of Graphic design (Brno, 2000), «Bukva:raz!»(Moscow, 2001). In 1997, was nominated for the National Prize of Russia for art and literature (as a group member). Runs a creative class at the High Academic School for Graphic Design. Designed about 100 typefaces including PT FreeSet, PT Proun, PT Rodchenko, ITC Stenberg, PT Unovis PT Yanus, PT Serp&Molot, Almanac, New Elizabeth, as well as Cyrillic versions of ITC Kabel, ITC New Baskerville, ITC Officina Sans, ITC Officina Serif, FF Meta, Swift, Big Caslon, NYT Cheltenham, and others.... [More]

José Scaglione

Founder TypeTogether | Argentina

José Scaglione is a graphic and multimedia designer, and a graduate from the MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK. He currently teaches typography at the National University of Rosario, Argentina, and he runs his own design studio, specialized in editorial design, branding and typographic consultancy. He is a partner of the independent font foundry Type Together.... [More]

Nick Shinn

President ShinnType | Canada

Nick Shinn was born in London in 1952. He has a Dip.AD in Fine Art from Leeds Polytechnic, and is a Registered Graphic Designer in Ontario, Canada. He has lived in Toronto since 1976. During the 1980s he worked in advertising as a creative director. Going digital in 1989 he started Shinn Design, specializing in publication design. Since 1980 he has designed over twenty typefaces. In 1999 he launched Shinntype. Shinn has written for Druk, Eye, and Graphic Exchange, spoken at ATypI, TypeCon, and Graphika conferences, and taught at York University. He was a board member of SOTA from 2001–2006.... [More]

Anna Shmeleva

Type Writer ParaType | Russian Federation

Anna Shmeleva is a freelance journalistic author. Worked with a number of local and professional periodicals in Russia. Her articles were on machine translation of texts, speech recognition, artifical intelligence, computer graphics and type design. Together with Vladimir Yefimov, she is the author of a series of books “Great typefaces”, volumes 1 and 2. Recently had published her first book of poetry. Her main occupations now are housekeeping, rat breeding and kinological sports.... [More]

Eben Sorkin

Type Designer Eyebytes | United States

Eben Sorkin is a recent graduate (class of 2009) of the MA in type design program at Reading University. He spent February and March learning how to carve letters in stone from Lida Cardozo at the Cardozo Kindesley workshop, Cambridge UK, and collaborating with Lida on the typeface Pulle. He is currently living in Boston and is a freelance type designer. Eben’s Reading MA dissertation included a scientific experiment looking at how and why reading speed decreases when text is negatively tracked. Eben is interested in empirical methods’ potential to contribute to typography and to type design. ... [More]

Konstantin Startsev

| Russia

Senior Instructor, Saint Petersburg State University (Faculty of Philology and Arts). Russia. Born in 1950, Konstantin Startsev graduated from St. Petersburg Vera Mukhina (now Baron Stieglitz) State Academy of Industrial Art (Class of 1977). In 1975–1980 worked at the National Design Research Institute (VNIITE). Since 2000 Startsev teaches graphic design at the Saint Petersburg State University (Faculty of Philology and Arts). Startsev is a member of the Designers Union of Russia. He participated in many professional exhibitions and competition—as a designer and the author of graphic design educational programmes. ... [More]

Keith Chi-hang Tam

Assistant Professor School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Hong Kong

Keith Tam is a typographer, type designer and design educator with a multicultural perspective. Keith is currently Assistant Professor and Visual Communication Discipline Leader at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Keith’s pedagogy and research focus on typography, with particular interest in text typography, typographic structures, complex information and bilingual issues. In 2005, Keith co-founded Type Initiative, a type foundry and design collective, and is the designer of Arrival, a legible typeface for directional signing. Keith is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, Canada and the MA Typeface Design course at the University of Reading, UK. ... [More]

İpek Torun

Lecturer Anadolu University | Turkey

İpek Torun graduated from the Graphic Design Department at Bilkent University, FADA, in 1999. He received his MFA in 2003 from the Animation Department at Anadolu University, ISS, having completed his thesis on “German Expressionism’s Effects on Animation Through Historical Development and an Experimentation on the Subject”. He now works as an instructor in the Graphic Design Department in FFA, in Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey... [More]

Adam Twardoch

Product and marketing manager Fontlab Ltd. | Germany

Based in Berlin, Adam Twardoch is working in the field of font technology, multilingual typography, CSS webfonts, Unicode and OpenType. He serves as product and marketing manager at Fontlab Ltd. He also works as a typographic consultant to MyFonts and other clients worldwide. He is member of the ATypI Board and was involved in the organization of four ATypI conferences. Adam has been teaching workshops in font creation in the UK, USA, Germany, Russia and his native Poland. In 2007, he edited the Polish edition of Robert Bringhurst’s book “The Elements of Typographic Style”. ... [More]



Typophile is an international collaborative community of visual designers, typographers and type designers. Typophile is driven by sharing and the idea that we’re always learning. Now in its seventh year, it is one of the oldest design communities online. Typophile is a Punchcut brand.... [More]

Gerard Unger

Type Designer | The Netherlands

Gerard Unger (b. 1942) is a graphic designer, type designer, typographer and typographic consultant. He studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, and becaine a freelance designer in 1972. He now teaches at the Academie, and at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, England. His numerous typeface designs include the highly regarded newspaper types Swift and Gulliver, and Capitoleum, designed for the city of Rome during the Catholic jubilee of 2000. He has received many awards for his work, including the 1991 Maurits Enschedé prize for his overall contribution to type design.... [More]

Karin von Ompteda

PhD Candidate Royal College of Art | United Kingdom

Karin von Ompteda is a designer and researcher based at the Royal College of Art. Her design work has been published internationally including by Laurence King, RotoVision, Index Books, IDEA Magazine and the Brno Biennial. She has presented her research at ATypI ’08, Include ’09 (International Conference on Inclusive Design), and conferences hosted by the University of Cambridge and Central Saint Martins. Karin’s background is in biology (MSc) and her current PhD has been funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom, and a Doctoral Fellowship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. ... [More]

Jürgen Willrodt

Managing Director URW++ | Germany

Dr. Jürgen Willrodt studied Physics and Mathematics and got a PhD in theoretical particle physics in 1976. Jürgen joined URW in 1983 as a software developer. His first major development project was the porting of Ikarus from DEC to Sun Unix. He has been the main developer of the Ikarus font production sytem since 1985, developing interpolation, auto-tracing and hinting algorithms as well as special algorithms for Kanji separation. Since 1995 Jürgen is managing director at URW++ Design & Development and responsible for font production and font tools development (Ikarus, DTL FontMaster, DTL OTMaster).... [More]

Emil Yakupov

Director ParaType | Russia

Emil Yakupov was born and lives in Russia. His interests and activities of the last 20 years belong to digital typography and computer fonts. Since early 1990s he has worked for ParaType (then ParaGraph) as a product manager and later as a director. ParaType is a multilingual type foundry, the biggest and renowned supplier of Cyrillic fonts. Accepting Russian and Soviet type heritage, ParaType not only converted and redesigned the library to digital format, but notably expanded type collection with new original fonts and Cyrillic adaptations of the best Latin types. ParaType applies multilingual approach to font developments — standard character set of ParaType fonts covers main European languages including EU newcomers. ParaType also pays special attention to technical quality of fonts and principally to TrueType hinting.... [More]

Yuri Yarmola

Vice President R&D Fontlab Ltd. | Russia

Yuri Yarmola began dabbling with fonts in 1989, and designed the first of many font editors and utilities in 1991. He designed and led development of all versions of FontLab and FontLab Studio, as well as a number of other applications published by Fontlab Ltd. He lives and works in St Petersburg, Russia, as Vice President Research & Development of Fontlab Ltd. In 2007, Yuri received the 2nd Linotype Font Technology Award. When not working, he skis on high mountains. ... [More]

Vladimir Yefimov

Art Director ParaType | Russia

Vladimir Yefimov is a type designer with more then twenty years of experience. He has designed many Cyrillic typefaces, and several Indian, Greek and Hebrew typefaces. He writes on typography and type design. Vladimir Yefimov lectures on type design at the Higher Academical School of Graphic Design, Moscow (since 1997) and at the British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow (since 2003). He is the art director and a co-founder of ParaType, a member of the Moscow Artists Union and the Academy of Graphic Design, and a member of the ATypI.... [More]

Pascal Naji Zoghbi

Arabic type designer & typographer 29letters | Lebanon

Pascal Zoghbi graduated in July 2006 with a Master of Design from the Type & Media course at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague, The Netherlands. Prior to his postgraduate studies, he worked in Beirut for several years as a graphic designer in print and web design. He is an independent Arabic type and graphic designer since August 2006 and is currently a part-time instructor teaching type and typography courses at LAU (Lebanese American University) and NDU (Notre Dame University). Currently, he is working on Arabic corporate fonts and bi-script (Arabic/Latin) fonts. He gives lectures and workshops about Arabic type regularly.... [More]