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Maxim Gurbatov

| Russia

A designer and teacher, Maxim Gurbatov was born in Severodvinsk in 1962. Since 2001, he is the art director of the printing-house “LiniaGrafic!” in Moscow.

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Book of letters
The parting from the era of wood type

Session B10 | Room Palace B
Saturday 20 September | 11:40 – 12:30

Theme Cyrillic | Duration: 50 minutes

We were very impressed with history of old typographical sorts, wood and metal letters. Throughout its history, they were important elements of European culture. Now they are not wanted. We want to express gratitude them. We have old typographic wood and metal letters and make large art objects called, for example, The Tetragrammaton, The Monument of Unknown Accountant, The Four Seasons in Russia. The object called “MЖ” consists of letters M and Ж only — there are the letters beginner the words Man and Woman in Russian. There are mainly large compositions — to 2 m in breadth. We dedicated our project to Gutenberg’s era.

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